Sunday, December 6, 2009

Doing the Happy Dance.

Today I let out a big sigh of relief & did the "happy dance". My latest magazine article is written,samples sewn, pictures taken, article edited & changed & now it's finally ready for submission, right on the due date. Will have to plead with MOTH to brave the crowds at the PO to send it off through the week, he complained bitterly about waiting in line to buy postage stamps the other day!

Today I made 2 burp cloths. I purchased a design for an 'in the hoop project' from here. I do like the zig zag trim-I can see dresses done with this....but I'm way ahead of myself on this.

I have never been a user of the burp cloth, when my children were babies I used bibs or grabbed a cloth nappy if they were big spitters & caught spills with that. On thinking about the advent of the burp cloth I guess its come about because you can't really hold a disposable nappy up under a kid's chin to catch the spit!

The first one I made looked too small to me.If dad was holding it his hands could well be larger than the cloth-not a nice feel to have a handful of baby spit-up in your hand, even if you do own the kid!

The second one I lengthened the design to fit in my 360mm x 200mm hoop- I did widen the design but not as much as I lengthened it- this is a way better size, something to get your hand around & for catching those more serious spills! I played around with my shapes & made a love bug of sorts by using a heart shape turned upside down & adding a musical note I morphed slightly in edit for the antennae, hopefully it looks something like a bug should. I am sure I'll be making a few more of these, in the larger size.

My knitting is progressing well. I've completed a pretty pink jacket & a gorgeous cream one. The pink one was a design called "Puss" from a very old Patons knitting book for babies. I changed the pattern & knitted it from the neck down- I'm finding this a quick & easy way to knit baby jackets. Next on the needles was a merino yarn I bought in KL last month- Gedifra Merino De Luxe. This yarn is spectacular to knit with- the finished article looks spectacular- not because of my knitting but the yarn- I'd love to get my hands on more of this. This jacket is Elizabeth Zimmermann's February sweater from her Knitters Almanac.Tonight I'll start on a cherry red top in a larger size- this baby is going to be well dressed that's for sure.

Christmas is just around the corner & I'm not at all organised. the tree is not up, there isn't a decoration to be seen in the house-at least the cards have been done & posted. I just can't seem to get the motivation to get to & do the rest.

Good news in that our No. 1 son & his family are coming up for Christmas- took some persuading so they'll arrive, with the cat from hell in tow as well.

Koshka is not a friendly cat- she made the trip out from the UK when they moved & many a time over the years has she bitten or scratched me for no good reason- not your cuddly type of cat at all! When GS was little he even had to learn that the cat would win every time he got close to her & he bore the scratch marks many a time to prove it!

No quilts on the quilting frame, no presents made....nothing......need to get a move on & do something before the big day arrives I guess....will anyone notice if I don't?

Happy Crafting,

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Silly Season

OMG- has it been hot this weekend-today was the hottest November day in 17 years! We are supposed to be getting a storm later on this evening, so far, absolutely nothing-just heat.

MOTH has a 'thing' about using the air conditioner-he turns it off as fast as I turn it on-he maintains its cold-I personally feel its just right & so we continue with the on/off regime!

This morning, while it was still relatively cool I managed to clean out some cupboards & drawers-3 large bags full of things to take to the charity bin & one smaller one full of shoes & handbags-I sometimes wonder how I amass so much!

In true MOTH form he rummaged through the bags & kept on saying "why are you throwing this out... and THIS?"- I told him in no uncertain terms to get out of the bags & just take them up to the bin! Honestly he is the only man I know that will run after the garbage truck in case I have thrown out something he may want/need! sheesh- it wasn't as if I went through HIS things- it was all my stuff!

While cleaning/tidying up the linen cupboard I was able to take stock of my towel stash, which has grown considerably in the past few weeks- there were some 25 towels all tucked away for gifts when I embroider on them- along with face cloths, hand towels,bathmats & miscellaneous sundries in the bags as well!

My sewing room got a good going over as well-now its so tidy I won't feel like sewing & messing it up again. Hopefully now its all sorted out I will be able to sit & write the magazine article this week-its due in the following week! Yikes!!!

The Christmas cards are all written-another tick off my to do list. This year I've handed MOTH all his friends to write the cards for, I think its only fair that he write some of them. I have suggested that he write them all, that met with a death stare & you have to be joking!

Finished a baby jacket this week & started another one. Decided to knit this one from the neck down as well. The pattern is a very old Patons one- the book is falling apart, but I'm sure it will hold up until I sort out what I'm doing with the pattern. The pattern is called "Puss"- I am always intrigued how they came up with some of the names they gave these patterns.

Guess the next thing will be to do some Christmas shopping-I'm not that enthused about that, but its something I can't really escape!

Until next time,
Happy Crafting,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

On being Productive.

My weekend was most productive- just the way I like it!
There was an order for 13 bath towels to have names embroidered on them- all done- one LARGE tick on my TO DO list for that one.....I caught up on my does it mount up so fast? I'm sure I didn't wear ALL those clothes! Another tick!

Did the usual household chores, it seems MOTH is incapable of doing any of these off his own bat through the week, which leaves me to run around & get them all done when I'm home. Are all MOTHs like this- or just mine?

Played around with some red work designs-these are to fit in the Aida insert on tea towels- there are absolutely no designs suitable out there (if there is please email me & let me know where!)- there is a market out there for some clever digitizer to produce designs in this size.

The wedding in Kuala Lumpar was lovely- the bride looked gorgeous- the groom was sporting a fractured clavicle- the dog (a rottie) knocked him over the night before-he had a matching arm sling to his tuxedo at least!

I spent my week getting over the 2 flights in quick succession & the jet lag from doing a red eye flight.....I'm disliking the flights more & more these days, but love visiting when I get there.

There is no service in economy anymore. Throw your meals at you & disappear, if you can call them meals- breakfast for me was 2 dry rice cakes- I handed them back. I dislike eating polystyrene even when it has something on it- but naked- no thank you! Even the orange juice- the only choice- was that powdered stuff you add water to. Talk about cost cutting. I've said to MOTH its time we moved up into premium economy on these longer flights, if only to have a little more leg room.I doubt the service would be any better.

I did buy myself a 'little something' while we were away, I'd been hankering after a Sony Vaio for a couple of years now & MOTH always buys me Acers. I have nothing against the Acers-I love my Acer.....but....I really wanted a Vaio....its just a mid size one for travelling. My friend, Carol ,suggested I call it Goldilocks-not only is it gold, but its 'just the right' size as well.
Ah.... then there was the new flash ring for the camera-hopefully to give me better illumination of my macro shots.

Not done much on the knitting scene- the baby jacket is progressing ever so slowly-guess at some point I will finish the body of it. Oh, & I did buy some lovely yarns in KL as well. Italian pure wool. This will be one well dressed baby, if I manage to get anything finished for it.

Back to work tomorrow- there are days I'd love to be retired, but then I doubt if I'd get much more done than I do now- when you only have 2 days off. you know you have to get things done! That's what my retired friends all say!
Until next time, Happy Crafting,

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Embroidered Sheet Set

Finally I can show off the matching sheet set that I made back in March-have been eagerly awaiting the publishing date.
The pic is courtesy of Australian Machine Embroidery Mag published in edition 16/3.
I'm not sure who will be the recipient of these- I just love them & think I'll keep them to use for my lady guests, men just don't appreciate embroidered bed linen.
This week is a muddily week- have had 3 days off work on sick leave- day one was the prep day- I started it 2 hours earlier & was still running to the loo an hour before I was going to the endoscopy unit! Day 2 was the day, and day 3 to recover- my head has been giddy for most of the day, so no driving.
I was wanting to go to the Sheridan Factory Outlet sale-this is where I buy most of my sheets & towels-when they are on sale,hopefully I'll get time to nick in there tomorrow after I finish rounds-I'll just make time!
This weekend I'm working, then I fly off to Kuala Lumpar next Thursday to attend a friend's wedding-just a quick stay, be back on Tuesday,ready to go to work on Wednesday.
I'm eyeing off a new laptop to bring home on this trip-I've been coveting a Sony Viao for some time & I think its now time to get it. MOTH bought me a new laptop last time he was there but its useless to travel with- it weighs a ton & is hardly portable.
Now with a 2 bag limit on cabin luggage, including laptops everything has got to fit in my carry on bag & this big laptop certainly wont!
I can see the time in the not too distant future where we'll be charged excessively to take any luggage with us on a plane besides a carry-on weighing 3 kg! regardless of how far we are flying.
Lucky I can pack light.
Have been busy making bright luggage labels for the suitcases- hopefully they will be more noticeable on the carousel- thing is you tie it on one end & that's always the end that's hidden under all the other bags!
Happy crafting,

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This & That & a Little of Nothing Much

Today it has rained. After the rain is a wonderful opportunity to go & take pictures in the garden-especially when MOTH has left his macro lens with the converter right where I can see it & I can play around while he is out- otherwise he grabs the best lenses & then follows me around, always saying he has taken the better pictures-he probably has, but he needed remind me of the fact!

I seem to have done a lot of fart-arsing about this weekend. When I look at what I did get done- it doesn't seem all that much, although I have been far from idle.

Firstly I finished the little kimono jacket I downloaded from Ravelry-I knitted this in a cotton/bamboo blend- it knitted up really quickly & I'm sure it'll wash like a rag & be very easy care.

The Christmas pudding was next- that was early Saturday morning's job-I can't believe it's already that time of the year again where I have to think about making it & as we have a few hectic weeks ahead this was the only weekend before December that I knew I was free to get it done. It is hanging under the stairs, aging until Christmas Day, complete with 25 old sixpences & one three penny bit!

Multi- tasking, I made fabric postcards while I refilled the pot every hour as it boiled away for 6 hours. These are for a swap, & one extra for my GS who loves to get his own mail (what kid doesn't!?),now just waiting to be posted.

In between this I managed to buy a few embroidery design sets online. (Its great that our $ is so strong, but I'm managing to spend way too much as a consequence!)- that's where the pfaffing about occurred- looking at & playing with the designs- it wastes so much time!

Made 2 tags-one for my bag & one for a friend (she was part of the reason I was pfaffing about as I was going to make her something for her birthday & couldn't decide what, in the end I have made her the recipient of the pale green edged & embroidered towels I have pictured in a previous post). I know she'll love them.

This morning MOTH decides it would be nice to go for breakfast-so up to our favourite eating place-there goes another few hours & the rest of the day saw me do nothing much at all- embroidered 4 names on 4 towels that were an order & made my friend an embroidered birthday card, using a pic I had put through Kaleidoscope.

The sum of my day-not really that productive at all, in the scheme of things-although not completely wasted either.

This afternoon I made some pikelets for afternoon tea- had them with strawberry jam & cream- oh, what memories of my dear departed mother making these on a Sunday afternoon, or, having them at the school fete when they served afternoon tea. Shame I had no one to share them with, MOTH too engrossed in a movie to want to come join me!

The weekend is coming to a close- I can't believe it has gone so fast-let's hope I can get some sewing done on Tuesday, as I'm home to start the prep for my colonoscopy on Wednesday-I don't know anyone that enjoys the prep for this procedure, there is something really off when you get to the stage of 'peeing' out your bum!

Then that leads to Thursday which I have off as well, because, no driving post anaesthetic-so I'm hoping to get a little something done then. That's the plus side of all of this-the extra day off!

Until next time

happy crafting,


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Throwing in the Towel-or All Wiped Up.

There are many 'rules' for sewing monograms on towels- 3 inches up, 4 whiskers to the side & his before hers & don't forget to hold your tongue in the right position while you sew it!

For me- rules are meant to be broken-push the envelope I say & experiment- who says they have to be in a certain place anyway?

Gone are the days when to buy a mongramed towel the name was sewn diagonally across the corner-please- no more of that!, there are many more creative ways of embroidering on a towel.
Towels are the perfect gift for all ages. One size will work for anybody- it doesn't have to 'fit'-white or cream & it will go in any bathroom & lets face it-unless you live on the street - everyone uses them- from a newborn to a 100 year old. It's the perfect gift when you don't know the recipient all that well & perfect if you do.

I'm always putting names on towels-mostly for gifts & I think I've come up with some novel ways of doing just that, without it being all boring & definitely no names on the diagonal in the corner.

Most people opt for centering the name on the towel above the header. Consider if the towel will be hung up open, or folded- not everyone has the room to have the towels at their full width on a rail.

What about putting the names on the side-just above the header in a nice clean font (like the art deco one shown)- or below the header if the lower part of the towel is wide enough-this is perfect for the males in your life- they don't want all flourishes & flowers, well mine don't, that's for sure!

The fashion for towels at present is a wider towel end before the header- this lends itself to being embroidered quite easily & is a nice change from above the header. (the header is the fancy band on a towel, that on cheaper towels always shrinks & makes the towel go all out of shape, after the first wash!)
Can you incorporate something in the name -mice, flowers, small animals poking out of 'A's, Os's or Y's', all work well-or a small lion's head as with the Rory towel?

One request I had was just for the first initial of each family member in the corner-they didn't like the idea of anyone being able to see the children's names (or theirs) on the line-but wanted to make sure everyone used their own towels.
I've put frogs on baby's towels for a frog themed nursery, a monkey for jungle themes & everything else in between- a favourite of mine is Amazing Designs Bathtime alphabet-takes a bit of editing to do a whole name in it, but looks great when its finished.

For those pre-teens & young girls- you can't go past a curlz font- use a large single, applique letter behind & the full name in front of it- don't forget to change your settings in your software so it doesn't take out the overlap.
Boys towels can have a sport or an interest incorporated into their name-soccer balls, foot balls, sail boats, baseball bats-they will all go through a letter, at the end or beginning of a name, or sit behind the name.

For couples I use classic fonts- a large first letter & a more simple font for the rest of their names, I repeat the first initial on the hand towels & face washers.
One of my favourite towels is using a fairy & then sew out the design in variegated threads- the one shown is a licensed design so can only be given as a gift- Amazing Designs has a fairy that will work just as well & you can then use it on items that you wish to sell.
There's been names on musical scores for the musical ones, Chinese symbols for my Chinese friends, names that twist & turn-I've only shown a small sample of all the names I've done over the years & no one has not liked what I've come up with-they all get used.

Sew, have some fun, put the names in different spots- & sometimes it's fun to incorporate a little surprise, like the single bee at the other end of a towel for a friend who wanted bees, please!


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Variations on a Theme

When I made the blue towel set which was published (see pic in previous post) I was so pleased with the results I made 2 more sets.(when you're on a roll!)

The flannel flower set are designs from Ellen Jaye Designs- I bought this set quite a few years back, when, I think she may have just been starting out & was selling on EBay- the set she sells now is a little different to the one I have, but I just love the elegance of the pale green & cream-the design is simplicity itself

After completing the flannel flower set I then had an idea that white binding with a coloured, corded bias trim inserted would look really classy- the instructions are the same as the other sets- you insert the bias cord trim when stitching the binding down- this is a Jenny Haskins
design-I like the boldness of the poppy & its simple elegance.

Three very different looks all from the same idea- I'm sure many of you can come up with lots more of them.
When I've shown friends & family the 3 different sets they can't decide which one they'd like (not that I'm making them en mass! LOL)-there is no clear favourite....but let me know which one you like the best.

Happy crafting
Oz- tralien

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Embroidered towels

I can't believe it's been so many weeks since I managed to write on my blog. Time escapes when you are having fun!
My Grandson, his parents & grandmother from the UK have been visiting for the past week-it's so much fun to have a small child in the house & he is such a delight, having just turned 5-give him a few years at school & all that will change!
The week before their arrival I was busy embroidering designs for a quilt & writing up instructions for another quilt & a place mat project which will be published next year but have to be to the editor long before they are published. I often think her house must be like Christmas everyday with so many lovely projects arriving daily at her door from all over the country.
My towel project has been released & now I can share pictures, which I've been eager to do since I created them back at the beginning of the year!
The photo is courtesy of Express Publications' and directions can be found in Machine Embroidery edition 16/2. I would like to thank Yvonne, the editor, for allowing me to use their photo from the magazine (far nicer than anything I took!).
I've been sewing madly the last few weeks & it looks like it will continue until Christmas as I've already received orders for towels for monogramming from 3 people!
Have started a gorgeous set of bears- they come to life as you stitch them out!
My knitting has changed from socks to baby clothes- its been a while since I've knitted any of those-a few when DIL was expecting No1 GS. looks like I'll have plenty to keep me busy over the next few mon
Happy Crafting
Oz- tralien

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Counting the days

I have been slack & not written since MOTH & DD set off on their adventure. Much has happened since then.
DD came off a horse in Mongolia & was taken to the hospital to be checked out- all seems to be OK but she is complaining of a sore tail bone & pain through her hip- guess it will be a trip to the LMO when she returns home to make sure she didn't actually 'do anything'.
MOTH managed to get food poisoning in Moscow- DD is feeling very guilty about this as she bought him the sausage to try- mind you he probably ate the whole thing instead of just a small amount & is it no wonder it went through him faster than a Bondi tram!

DD enjoyed the ballet while in Moscow-they sound like they have had the most wonderful time & I'm so jealous I was not able to go with them- they both love Moscow & would like to go back again & spend more time. They are due home this weekend- I'll be glad to have them both home.

I've been busy sewing-have managed to get 2 projects done & accepted for publication- so that is my goal for this year-4 projects accepted, in one year. The next is to have 4 published in the one year & to make a front cover on the magazine....not sure how you get the project on the front cover but I'll keep on working towards that.
It would appear that all my plans to quilt while MOTH was away have not come to fruition- I certainly was not idle, just didn't do the quilting as I thought I would. I know that at heart I'm a topper, not a quilter. The 14 quilt tops I have waiting to be quilted would attest to that!
My socks are still on my needles- I started this pair back on 30 August & I'm still going-can't wait to get them done- after this I'm having a break from socks & will do some baby clothes for a change. There are a few babies on the way so I'm sure they will be welcomed gifts.

It would appear after asking on Ravelry that today's mums like no fuss garments- not lacy-in bright colours- pastels seem to have fallen by the wayside & after looking at some of the suggested & well loved patterns I can see why- the knitted's are so much more fun. Another thing is they are knitted in heavier ply yarns- that should make them quick to knit up as well. Managed to order over $140 worth of yarns from Bendigo Woollen Mills this afternoon- its not like I don't have enough yarns! I can only hope it will arrive before MOTH arrives home so I can hide it away!

Looks like it'll be quilts, towels & baby garments in the next 12 months for me!
My picture taking has been on the back burner as well-have hardly snapped a thing except for my sewing projects and a few wounds (too gross to post pics of!)....maybe next weekend....or not.
Looks like the storm is on its way- lots of rumbling out there.
Until next time,
Happy Crafting

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Countdown to Free Time.

This time next week I'll be home alone & MOTH & DD will be on their way to Moscow! Boy has that time come round fast-I'm not game enough to ask if all the paperwork is finally in order-last I heard- it wasn't so I'm not asking again!
MOTH always gets very uptight before he travels- he hates take-off & landings- but insists that he will not let this get the better of him (he was in a plane that hit the deck in Vietnam, so he has a reason to be tense during landings!)

We travel very differently -he likes to be wherever he has to be at least one hour early than the suggested time to get there-which means about 4 hours ahead of time for a flight-I prefer to get there at the suggested time- neither of us have ever missed a flight from being late-but we always argue when its time to leave!
Some years back MOTH rushed me out the house-got us both to the airport with hours to spare only to find he had us there a whole day earlier than needed. The gal at QANTAS changed the flights for us-saying that it gave her the laugh for the day & for me having to put up with such a dickhead! (I agreed whole heartily! on that point)
DD keeps him in line- she'll take no nonsense from him even if he is her father-from all accounts they travel well together- I think its great that they do have trips away as father/daughter time.
DD's dog, Ella, had surgery through the week-MOTH has been visiting her everyday as she has been quite out of sorts- I suggested he take her a 'get well bone' to cheer her up-my suggestion was not taken kindly! Seemed reasonable to me.
This weekend I've managed to get 2 quilt tops pieced-that's 3 down-2 to go if I make it to my goal of giving everyone a quilt for Christmas.
Good news on the project front- the last project has been accepted for publication- this one won't be out until the middle of next year some time, but submission is in October-so gives me a few weeks to get it all together & write up the notes before I have to post it off.
The days are getting longer- no getting up in the pitch black in the mornings now- I much prefer to have a little light when I have to get out of bed - its bad enough that I have to get up when MOTH is sleeping soundly....and my alarm is telling me its time to get ready for work! The alternative of staying home everyday with MOTH is just not worth contemplating at this stage- work is preferable!
My raspberry socks have been waiting most of the week for me to finish them off- only have the rib to knit, but I just never seem to get there with them- perhaps tonight if I don't get my nose in the photo shop manuals I've been reading....even if my pics aren't perfect I'm learning how to cheat to make them that way!
Until next time,
happy Crafting

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sewing, Snaps, Selvedges & Socks.

It seems I missed last week-I kept on meaning to blog but never got around to it.
I was busy.
The past 2 weekends I've been madly sewing to submit a project- hopefully to be published-its surprising how much time it takes to get a project together. Fingers crossed, now I just have to wait.
The weather has been absolutely glorious the past week- very warm days, cool nights for sleeping & even a soft breeze on a few days- perfect- who would want to live anywhere else than Sydney! Not me.
My socks are progressing- that was one of the reasons I haven't blogged I was waiting for a work colleague to take a pic of my GS's socks I knitted on one of her children's feet-so I could post a photo of them....maybe she'll take them this week for me.
Yesterday I attended the stitches & craft show at Rosehill- there are 3 of us that go together every year, since it started.
The past 2 years I was not too happy with the exhibits & wrote to the organizers & complained about the lack of sewing-it was all beading & paper-that sure doesn't float my boat.
Things had changed this year- they had some young designers upstairs with their wares & blogs & sites to sell their wares- really interesting & trendy stuff-yeah! what a wonderful change.
We did notice that a lot of the old faithful stall holders were missing-its probably got too expensive for them to take a site as I know they charge pretty heftily to exhibit here. That's a shame as they were missed.
All in all we came home with very little- I purchased a knitting pattern, a shirt pattern & a small piece of wool blanketing to do sample on for another project I've had on the back burner for quite some time.
I did come home & make a little purse after seeing a dress, chair & an umbrella covered in selvages- what a clever idea- although they used to make smoking jackets from these & the idea came from a blogger called ricrac- so its not my idea, but I loved the look.
My socks are progressing slowly but surely- am just about to the gusset on the second sock in the raspberry wool- they are very pretty- wonder who'll nab these.
My DIL tells me her Pilate's class are very jealous of her new socks & have asked if I'll knit them & sell them- not bloody likely! who would pay $50 for a pair of hand knitted socks? & that wouldn't even be a good return on my time.

Through the week I had a birthday-another candle in the cake- I'll need a fire hose to put them out soon....not too sure I like the changes as I get older- there are more wrinkles- the boobs are lower (thank heavens for good bras that keep the girls up there!) & I'm not as flexible as I used to be either....and we wont even mention the extra weight!!!
The kids have bought me a couple of books on photo shop so here's hoping that I actually learn how to edit the pics I take to make them look even better- although the key to getting a good photograph is easy- take lots to start off with & get it right pre-edit!
DD & MOTH are still busy organising their trip to do the Trans Siberian Railway- I bet it'll be cold in Mongolia-sleeping outdoors in a tent!
While MOTH is gone I'm hoping to get some quilting done- although he still hasn't fixed the frame...not sure what is so hard about getting a piece of dowelling that will fit inside the tube.
Until next time,
Happy Crafting,

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This & That

The house is all quiet-I'm not at all that sure I like it this way, it's much more fun when we have a 4.5 year old in the house!
Our eldest son, his wife & our GS have been visiting the past week & returned home today-its all eerily quiet-no small boy to come running down the stairs, excited that I'm home from work or wanting me to share some special treasure he has made or found during the day.

The pirate cave under the stairs is gone, the blankets packed back into the cupboard, until my little pirate returns in October for his birthday.
I notice that my baby doll is still on his bed- he took quite a shine to my re-born doll when he was 3 & looks for her every visit now- he has named her "Cuddles" & is quite happy to carry her around & 'mother/father' her. She weighs about 5lbs- so is no light weight doll!

On this visit we used the sewing machine together- he made 3 little bags, which he has taken home with him, as he told me he could put his 'treasures' in them-its a start & hopefully he'll progress to more projects as he gets older.

During the week I started a pair of toe up socks for him- didn't have a pattern so am winging it-finished the first one today-the great thing about these toe up socks is being able to try them on! Also progressed with the raspberry coloured one I started last week- am up to the heel but have put it on hold to make GS's socks.

Made GS a little pair of soft slippers after he arrived as our tile floor is very cold in the mornings- used a red quilted fabric & lined them with purple wool felt-he was delighted with them & happily put them on each morning after his morning cuddles in our bed!
Took lots of pics of him while he was here & even had a few enlarged to frame.....great subject to work with as he was happy to chat to me while I snapped away at him!

Sunsets have continued to be spectacular the past week as well & have a few more shots of those - DS no1 took the screen off the upstairs window & we lent right out over the roof to snap shots across the bush!

Back to sewing next weekend- the following weekend is the Stitches & Craft Show- sure hope there is more variety this year than last year...didn't buy anything other than lunch last year!

The wattle trees are starting to bloom- poor DIL developed terrible hay fever while she was here from them-they may look pretty but all that pollen sure sets lots of folks off at this time of the year!
Been blogging a year now- wow, hasn't that time gone quick!
happy Crafting,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

17 weeks til Christmas....

Don't you just love a sale?! Especially when you know the prices aren't jacked up to pretend to give you a discount & you know bloody well that they are. Not one of those sales- but a real good, genuine sale.
The Sheridan factory outlet is quite near where our work office is located & they had a sale-ended up making 3 trips & buying stacks of manchester- but it was sooooo cheap couldn't resist (& here I was thinking the other day that I more than likely did not need to buy any more manchester for the rest of my life as I have more than enough!) Oh well, bit like saying I'm not buying anymore fabric! Ha!!! as if that is ever going to happen.

I bought 3 of my adult children sheet sets after they messaged me that Yes , please we'd love more bed linen (especially as they know that Mum is paying!)- picked up some sheet sets for my Grandson, new sheets for the single, spare bed & new sheets for our bed- lots of towels (lots of towels!-most for my stash, as at that price they make fantastic gifts- just put a name on them & away I go!). I worked it out that on a lot of the items I saved about 74% & a few of the goodies were closer to 90%!!
One set was delivered this morning to a patient who had requested, if I could, an embroidery on some towels she wanted to give as a gift- they were easy enough-that's a few towels out of the stash already.(2 down 20 to go!!)
Tuesday its Lizzie's birthday & I've put a lovely L on a gorgeous eau de nil coloured towel for her- there were matching face cloths & bathmats with this colour- no hand towels- so she's getting what I was able to buy-I know she loves this colour so its a good choice for her. I picked the Queenie alphabet to use from Francine's embroidery- love this alpha- its really classy & it comes in a really huge size which is nice to put on a towel as a single letter. I'm off Tuesday so I'll leave that parcel on her chair at work for her as a surprise (unless of course she happens to read my blog in which case its no longer a surprise!)

We had a magnificent sunset the other day- I lent out over the balcony to get as much of it as I could-I'd like to be able to get up on the roof for photos- but I don't suppose that's going to happen.

All ready for our Melbourne family's arrival tomorrow- GS rang while I was at work this morning to tell Grandad that he was so excited he can hardly wait!LOL don't you love the enthusiasm of a 4 year old?
I finally finished my sock- I knew this one would knit up quicker as the pattern was much more interesting. So both pairs that I started in Montana are now done....the yarn is already with the pattern for the next pair-have been itching to try these since I saw them in my knitting book & bought the yarn while in the USA-shame I couldn't get the colours I wanted, the pattern is Flame Wave Socks & I'm using Cascade's Fixation yarn in bright red! Should be eye catching.

MOTH managed to break one of the rollers on my quilting frame through the week- not sure what he was doing- so now I will need to get that fixed before I can do all the quilting I have in mind for Christmas....did you know its only 17 weeks until the BIG day? I have a lot to get done in that time.....maybe I need to write a list like my friend Ruth does (for everything) it might just keep me on track!
Until next time
Happy crafting

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Call to Action.

Sometimes I wonder what it is that finally urges us to DO something about things that have been niggling at us for ages. We put up with them for so long, then ...WHAM...we can't stand it any longer & we have to do something about it! The straw that breaks the camel's back.
My sewing room has been driving me nuts-I can't stand it when it gets too messy.
I know I have plenty of friends who can only be creative when they have a mess around them- not me. Its not like I want my room to be pristine all the time, in fact I find this counter-productive, in that, I don't want to mess up my nice clean room again, so I don't sew.....go figure.I just like it to be tidy enough so I can cut things out & have most of my things away-not in piles all over the place.
Saturday I played around with double folded mitred corners to make a 'window' in a chalk board place mat I was making for our Grandson who is coming to visit next week. Took me most of the day measuring & playing around to do what I wanted-I realised after I cut it & folded it I needed to allow 12" instead of 8" to get the size window I needed- lesson learnt & then I had to do my window a different way so as not to waste the space fabric I had bought for him in the US as I didn't have more....where there is a will there is a way. No mistakes in this house just a new way to make something!
This morning I was going to start on DIL's quilt- the aim being I'll make everyone in the family a quilt for this rate maybe 2 will get them,if they are lucky, (only because I have the top already made for one of them!)
And that's when it started. The towel I throw over the chair I have up here in the sewing room, slid to the floor, as it usually does-it slides off & I pick it up & throw it back on,constantly. I decided that I'd just recover the chair-just like that, I'd picked up the towel once too often. It has been doing that for the past 2 never really bugged me that much, but this morning that was it- time to do something about it. I pulled out some fabric that was sitting in a pile on the floor & chop, chop, stitch, stitch...2.5 hours later I was the proud owner of a very swishy looking chair- covered beautifully- couldn't believe how well this all went together....why didn't I do this sooner?

That was then I decided that the room could do with a bit of a tidy up, thorough vacuum & all the surfaces wiped down & ALL the piles of fabric from my recent trip be put away....I'm not sure what happened along the way but the curtains came down- I decided that the roman blind wasn't going back up again that I look at the new curtain (yep, I just sewed a new one- back into that stash again!)-I'm sitting here in my very tidy sewing room & looking at the new window treatment & thinking 'why the hell didn't I do this 2 years ago when the curtain started to bug me then?'- even washing the sheer curtain has made a difference!
My room is looking all light & airy & its so tidy- everything is away-including my old sewing machine that has been sitting here on the desk since I bought the CV (anyone want a loved 2140 with more hoops & gadgets than you'll ever need- I have one for sale at a very cheap price!) Incredibly tidy. Oh, I love it!!!
Now what prompted all this action?-I never set out to make chair covers, pull curtains down & wash them- re-arrange the sewing room & make new curtains & put everything away.....I wish I could bottle this urge to action- I would make a fortune selling it to mothers of teenagers who never want to do anything......imagine putting it in the MOTH's morning coffee & getting all the odd jobs done around the a sewing slump?- just 2 lumps in the coffee & off you go! No more waiting for the final straw.

My neighbour rang this afternoon to let us know she'd been burgled last night-they got her wallet with her cash & cards-they have already tried to use the cards....but what was more upsetting was they came in while she was asleep & she never heard a thing, even after breaking a glass door to gain entry- she's feeling somewhat violated . This will be a reminder to us to be more vigilant with where we leave things when we go to bed.

MOTH can very lax in leaving the doors open when he is out doing the gardening in the backyard-I'm always asking him to lock the doors...maybe this might prompt him to lock the door! Our suburb is not immune as he thinks it is, to being burgled.

I finished a pair of socks this week- oh, have they been dragging on, I never thought I'd get them finished- these were the gainsey toe up pair that I started in Billings....but I can now tick them off as finished! Have started the second sock to match the purple one, also started in Billings-this one shouldn't take so long as I like the pattern better-its more interesting. Not sure what I'll start when I finish this one- more socks maybe, I have much more yarn!

All in all a productive week-I can feel good about everything I managed to get done-even managed to get 5 patients onto the new computer system at work- we won't even go there with those changes!

Happy Crafting
Oz- Tralien