Tuesday, August 11, 2009

This & That

The house is all quiet-I'm not at all that sure I like it this way, it's much more fun when we have a 4.5 year old in the house!
Our eldest son, his wife & our GS have been visiting the past week & returned home today-its all eerily quiet-no small boy to come running down the stairs, excited that I'm home from work or wanting me to share some special treasure he has made or found during the day.

The pirate cave under the stairs is gone, the blankets packed back into the cupboard, until my little pirate returns in October for his birthday.
I notice that my baby doll is still on his bed- he took quite a shine to my re-born doll when he was 3 & looks for her every visit now- he has named her "Cuddles" & is quite happy to carry her around & 'mother/father' her. She weighs about 5lbs- so is no light weight doll!

On this visit we used the sewing machine together- he made 3 little bags, which he has taken home with him, as he told me he could put his 'treasures' in them-its a start & hopefully he'll progress to more projects as he gets older.

During the week I started a pair of toe up socks for him- didn't have a pattern so am winging it-finished the first one today-the great thing about these toe up socks is being able to try them on! Also progressed with the raspberry coloured one I started last week- am up to the heel but have put it on hold to make GS's socks.

Made GS a little pair of soft slippers after he arrived as our tile floor is very cold in the mornings- used a red quilted fabric & lined them with purple wool felt-he was delighted with them & happily put them on each morning after his morning cuddles in our bed!
Took lots of pics of him while he was here & even had a few enlarged to frame.....great subject to work with as he was happy to chat to me while I snapped away at him!

Sunsets have continued to be spectacular the past week as well & have a few more shots of those - DS no1 took the screen off the upstairs window & we lent right out over the roof to snap shots across the bush!

Back to sewing next weekend- the following weekend is the Stitches & Craft Show- sure hope there is more variety this year than last year...didn't buy anything other than lunch last year!

The wattle trees are starting to bloom- poor DIL developed terrible hay fever while she was here from them-they may look pretty but all that pollen sure sets lots of folks off at this time of the year!
Been blogging a year now- wow, hasn't that time gone quick!
happy Crafting,

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