Sunday, November 22, 2009

Silly Season

OMG- has it been hot this weekend-today was the hottest November day in 17 years! We are supposed to be getting a storm later on this evening, so far, absolutely nothing-just heat.

MOTH has a 'thing' about using the air conditioner-he turns it off as fast as I turn it on-he maintains its cold-I personally feel its just right & so we continue with the on/off regime!

This morning, while it was still relatively cool I managed to clean out some cupboards & drawers-3 large bags full of things to take to the charity bin & one smaller one full of shoes & handbags-I sometimes wonder how I amass so much!

In true MOTH form he rummaged through the bags & kept on saying "why are you throwing this out... and THIS?"- I told him in no uncertain terms to get out of the bags & just take them up to the bin! Honestly he is the only man I know that will run after the garbage truck in case I have thrown out something he may want/need! sheesh- it wasn't as if I went through HIS things- it was all my stuff!

While cleaning/tidying up the linen cupboard I was able to take stock of my towel stash, which has grown considerably in the past few weeks- there were some 25 towels all tucked away for gifts when I embroider on them- along with face cloths, hand towels,bathmats & miscellaneous sundries in the bags as well!

My sewing room got a good going over as well-now its so tidy I won't feel like sewing & messing it up again. Hopefully now its all sorted out I will be able to sit & write the magazine article this week-its due in the following week! Yikes!!!

The Christmas cards are all written-another tick off my to do list. This year I've handed MOTH all his friends to write the cards for, I think its only fair that he write some of them. I have suggested that he write them all, that met with a death stare & you have to be joking!

Finished a baby jacket this week & started another one. Decided to knit this one from the neck down as well. The pattern is a very old Patons one- the book is falling apart, but I'm sure it will hold up until I sort out what I'm doing with the pattern. The pattern is called "Puss"- I am always intrigued how they came up with some of the names they gave these patterns.

Guess the next thing will be to do some Christmas shopping-I'm not that enthused about that, but its something I can't really escape!

Until next time,
Happy Crafting,

Sunday, November 15, 2009

On being Productive.

My weekend was most productive- just the way I like it!
There was an order for 13 bath towels to have names embroidered on them- all done- one LARGE tick on my TO DO list for that one.....I caught up on my does it mount up so fast? I'm sure I didn't wear ALL those clothes! Another tick!

Did the usual household chores, it seems MOTH is incapable of doing any of these off his own bat through the week, which leaves me to run around & get them all done when I'm home. Are all MOTHs like this- or just mine?

Played around with some red work designs-these are to fit in the Aida insert on tea towels- there are absolutely no designs suitable out there (if there is please email me & let me know where!)- there is a market out there for some clever digitizer to produce designs in this size.

The wedding in Kuala Lumpar was lovely- the bride looked gorgeous- the groom was sporting a fractured clavicle- the dog (a rottie) knocked him over the night before-he had a matching arm sling to his tuxedo at least!

I spent my week getting over the 2 flights in quick succession & the jet lag from doing a red eye flight.....I'm disliking the flights more & more these days, but love visiting when I get there.

There is no service in economy anymore. Throw your meals at you & disappear, if you can call them meals- breakfast for me was 2 dry rice cakes- I handed them back. I dislike eating polystyrene even when it has something on it- but naked- no thank you! Even the orange juice- the only choice- was that powdered stuff you add water to. Talk about cost cutting. I've said to MOTH its time we moved up into premium economy on these longer flights, if only to have a little more leg room.I doubt the service would be any better.

I did buy myself a 'little something' while we were away, I'd been hankering after a Sony Vaio for a couple of years now & MOTH always buys me Acers. I have nothing against the Acers-I love my Acer.....but....I really wanted a Vaio....its just a mid size one for travelling. My friend, Carol ,suggested I call it Goldilocks-not only is it gold, but its 'just the right' size as well.
Ah.... then there was the new flash ring for the camera-hopefully to give me better illumination of my macro shots.

Not done much on the knitting scene- the baby jacket is progressing ever so slowly-guess at some point I will finish the body of it. Oh, & I did buy some lovely yarns in KL as well. Italian pure wool. This will be one well dressed baby, if I manage to get anything finished for it.

Back to work tomorrow- there are days I'd love to be retired, but then I doubt if I'd get much more done than I do now- when you only have 2 days off. you know you have to get things done! That's what my retired friends all say!
Until next time, Happy Crafting,