Sunday, November 22, 2009

Silly Season

OMG- has it been hot this weekend-today was the hottest November day in 17 years! We are supposed to be getting a storm later on this evening, so far, absolutely nothing-just heat.

MOTH has a 'thing' about using the air conditioner-he turns it off as fast as I turn it on-he maintains its cold-I personally feel its just right & so we continue with the on/off regime!

This morning, while it was still relatively cool I managed to clean out some cupboards & drawers-3 large bags full of things to take to the charity bin & one smaller one full of shoes & handbags-I sometimes wonder how I amass so much!

In true MOTH form he rummaged through the bags & kept on saying "why are you throwing this out... and THIS?"- I told him in no uncertain terms to get out of the bags & just take them up to the bin! Honestly he is the only man I know that will run after the garbage truck in case I have thrown out something he may want/need! sheesh- it wasn't as if I went through HIS things- it was all my stuff!

While cleaning/tidying up the linen cupboard I was able to take stock of my towel stash, which has grown considerably in the past few weeks- there were some 25 towels all tucked away for gifts when I embroider on them- along with face cloths, hand towels,bathmats & miscellaneous sundries in the bags as well!

My sewing room got a good going over as well-now its so tidy I won't feel like sewing & messing it up again. Hopefully now its all sorted out I will be able to sit & write the magazine article this week-its due in the following week! Yikes!!!

The Christmas cards are all written-another tick off my to do list. This year I've handed MOTH all his friends to write the cards for, I think its only fair that he write some of them. I have suggested that he write them all, that met with a death stare & you have to be joking!

Finished a baby jacket this week & started another one. Decided to knit this one from the neck down as well. The pattern is a very old Patons one- the book is falling apart, but I'm sure it will hold up until I sort out what I'm doing with the pattern. The pattern is called "Puss"- I am always intrigued how they came up with some of the names they gave these patterns.

Guess the next thing will be to do some Christmas shopping-I'm not that enthused about that, but its something I can't really escape!

Until next time,
Happy Crafting,

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