Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sewing, Snaps, Selvedges & Socks.

It seems I missed last week-I kept on meaning to blog but never got around to it.
I was busy.
The past 2 weekends I've been madly sewing to submit a project- hopefully to be published-its surprising how much time it takes to get a project together. Fingers crossed, now I just have to wait.
The weather has been absolutely glorious the past week- very warm days, cool nights for sleeping & even a soft breeze on a few days- perfect- who would want to live anywhere else than Sydney! Not me.
My socks are progressing- that was one of the reasons I haven't blogged I was waiting for a work colleague to take a pic of my GS's socks I knitted on one of her children's feet-so I could post a photo of them....maybe she'll take them this week for me.
Yesterday I attended the stitches & craft show at Rosehill- there are 3 of us that go together every year, since it started.
The past 2 years I was not too happy with the exhibits & wrote to the organizers & complained about the lack of sewing-it was all beading & paper-that sure doesn't float my boat.
Things had changed this year- they had some young designers upstairs with their wares & blogs & sites to sell their wares- really interesting & trendy stuff-yeah! what a wonderful change.
We did notice that a lot of the old faithful stall holders were missing-its probably got too expensive for them to take a site as I know they charge pretty heftily to exhibit here. That's a shame as they were missed.
All in all we came home with very little- I purchased a knitting pattern, a shirt pattern & a small piece of wool blanketing to do sample on for another project I've had on the back burner for quite some time.
I did come home & make a little purse after seeing a dress, chair & an umbrella covered in selvages- what a clever idea- although they used to make smoking jackets from these & the idea came from a blogger called ricrac- so its not my idea, but I loved the look.
My socks are progressing slowly but surely- am just about to the gusset on the second sock in the raspberry wool- they are very pretty- wonder who'll nab these.
My DIL tells me her Pilate's class are very jealous of her new socks & have asked if I'll knit them & sell them- not bloody likely! who would pay $50 for a pair of hand knitted socks? & that wouldn't even be a good return on my time.

Through the week I had a birthday-another candle in the cake- I'll need a fire hose to put them out soon....not too sure I like the changes as I get older- there are more wrinkles- the boobs are lower (thank heavens for good bras that keep the girls up there!) & I'm not as flexible as I used to be either....and we wont even mention the extra weight!!!
The kids have bought me a couple of books on photo shop so here's hoping that I actually learn how to edit the pics I take to make them look even better- although the key to getting a good photograph is easy- take lots to start off with & get it right pre-edit!
DD & MOTH are still busy organising their trip to do the Trans Siberian Railway- I bet it'll be cold in Mongolia-sleeping outdoors in a tent!
While MOTH is gone I'm hoping to get some quilting done- although he still hasn't fixed the frame...not sure what is so hard about getting a piece of dowelling that will fit inside the tube.
Until next time,
Happy Crafting,


Suze said...

Love the bag! Susette

Oz-tralien said...

easy peasy to make....took no time at all.