Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Travelling On

Tomorrow we move on to Virginia. The 2 weeks here at Terry & Ruth's has certainly flown by.

The cameras have been snapping madly- I know I have over 600 photos in my Ruth file- many will be deleted at a later date- but they all still have to be reviewed.
We've seen the local area, caught up with old friends we've made on previous visits, & had the most wonderful time, like we always do when we come here to visit.

The competitive streak between MOTH and me is still very strong-which one of us could snap the best squirrel/chipmunk pic & the hummingbirds. The hummingbirds have proven to be the most difficult-boy are they like miniature fighter bombers-never still for more than a few seconds & then off again, probably to their nests in the trees nearby.

Yesterday evening driving back we saw a thunder cloud- had never seen one of these before- it was huge & quite amazing in its formation as well.
One of the things we have been doing most nights is watching 'Dexter" on DVD. What is it about this character that has us watching 4 episodes a night to get through the 3 series before we leave?

The men were initially not interested at all in the series but have been as avid watchers as Ruth & I in the end....and now the long wait until series 4....we are all well & truly hooked on it!

Enjoy the few pics I have added to the blog- its hard to pic just a few!

Until next time

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shop Hopping in Lancaster County

Today was another big shopping day-a quilt shop hop through Lancaster County-we don't actually get to a lot of shops, but we sure do manage to buy a lot!
Show & tell will be later this evening after supper....but I know I spent the most today as I ordered a roll of batting & will have it shipped home-even with the $150 to ship it-it still works out about half the cost per metre than buying it in Oz....and the ranges of's just so hard not to buy a yard or 2 of everything you see!
The Amish were out & about this morning- someone said it was a holiday for them-I did manage to get a few snaps with the telephoto lens-although its hard to be discreet with that great honking thing out at full length! (mostly I hid behind a sign to be discreet & waited until they came into range).

Connie is cooking Chinese food for dinner tonight-wonderful smells are already coming from the kitchen-not sure what she has started to cook, but it smells fantasticl!
The weather has been fbeautiful for us-clear blue skies each day-makes toting all those shopping bags just that much easier!LOL

Barb & I are sitting back , sipping a very large Baileys, checking our days photos & me writing the blog while the other 4 are still out & its still relatively quiet! They have just arrived home-peace is shattered!-they seem to be singing-I wonder what they have vbeen drinking!LOL
Happy Crafting

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ya Ya 2009

Ya Ya 2009 is officially underway & what a wonderful time we are having-lots of laughter, shopping & is good.

We've shopped till we dropped, walked miles- only in fabric stores- the variety of quilt fabrics is amazing-no 2 shops seem to have the same fabrics-just how many quilt fabrics are there?

We will have to keep looking to make sure we have seen them all, would hate to miss any!
Some of the gals have bought huge amounts of fabrics- you can tell they don't have to fly home & are limited to 23kg in their baggage allowance.
I've already posted a box home....this year I decided to be more organized & just send the surplus home rather than be worrying about excess baggage all the time-even sending it home is lots cheaper than buying quilting fabric at home.
The average price of quilting cottons here is about $5.95 (or less) a yard....a far cry from our $22 a metre or more!
Yesterday Barb & I drove around the back roads & came across the Amish having a Sunday get-together-50 or 60 buggies parked-the younger ones playing volleyball,long trestle tables laden with food & all of them dressed in their Sunday best.
Off to go shopping!
Happy Crafting