Sunday, December 6, 2009

Doing the Happy Dance.

Today I let out a big sigh of relief & did the "happy dance". My latest magazine article is written,samples sewn, pictures taken, article edited & changed & now it's finally ready for submission, right on the due date. Will have to plead with MOTH to brave the crowds at the PO to send it off through the week, he complained bitterly about waiting in line to buy postage stamps the other day!

Today I made 2 burp cloths. I purchased a design for an 'in the hoop project' from here. I do like the zig zag trim-I can see dresses done with this....but I'm way ahead of myself on this.

I have never been a user of the burp cloth, when my children were babies I used bibs or grabbed a cloth nappy if they were big spitters & caught spills with that. On thinking about the advent of the burp cloth I guess its come about because you can't really hold a disposable nappy up under a kid's chin to catch the spit!

The first one I made looked too small to me.If dad was holding it his hands could well be larger than the cloth-not a nice feel to have a handful of baby spit-up in your hand, even if you do own the kid!

The second one I lengthened the design to fit in my 360mm x 200mm hoop- I did widen the design but not as much as I lengthened it- this is a way better size, something to get your hand around & for catching those more serious spills! I played around with my shapes & made a love bug of sorts by using a heart shape turned upside down & adding a musical note I morphed slightly in edit for the antennae, hopefully it looks something like a bug should. I am sure I'll be making a few more of these, in the larger size.

My knitting is progressing well. I've completed a pretty pink jacket & a gorgeous cream one. The pink one was a design called "Puss" from a very old Patons knitting book for babies. I changed the pattern & knitted it from the neck down- I'm finding this a quick & easy way to knit baby jackets. Next on the needles was a merino yarn I bought in KL last month- Gedifra Merino De Luxe. This yarn is spectacular to knit with- the finished article looks spectacular- not because of my knitting but the yarn- I'd love to get my hands on more of this. This jacket is Elizabeth Zimmermann's February sweater from her Knitters Almanac.Tonight I'll start on a cherry red top in a larger size- this baby is going to be well dressed that's for sure.

Christmas is just around the corner & I'm not at all organised. the tree is not up, there isn't a decoration to be seen in the house-at least the cards have been done & posted. I just can't seem to get the motivation to get to & do the rest.

Good news in that our No. 1 son & his family are coming up for Christmas- took some persuading so they'll arrive, with the cat from hell in tow as well.

Koshka is not a friendly cat- she made the trip out from the UK when they moved & many a time over the years has she bitten or scratched me for no good reason- not your cuddly type of cat at all! When GS was little he even had to learn that the cat would win every time he got close to her & he bore the scratch marks many a time to prove it!

No quilts on the quilting frame, no presents made....nothing......need to get a move on & do something before the big day arrives I guess....will anyone notice if I don't?

Happy Crafting,