Thursday, October 29, 2009

Embroidered Sheet Set

Finally I can show off the matching sheet set that I made back in March-have been eagerly awaiting the publishing date.
The pic is courtesy of Australian Machine Embroidery Mag published in edition 16/3.
I'm not sure who will be the recipient of these- I just love them & think I'll keep them to use for my lady guests, men just don't appreciate embroidered bed linen.
This week is a muddily week- have had 3 days off work on sick leave- day one was the prep day- I started it 2 hours earlier & was still running to the loo an hour before I was going to the endoscopy unit! Day 2 was the day, and day 3 to recover- my head has been giddy for most of the day, so no driving.
I was wanting to go to the Sheridan Factory Outlet sale-this is where I buy most of my sheets & towels-when they are on sale,hopefully I'll get time to nick in there tomorrow after I finish rounds-I'll just make time!
This weekend I'm working, then I fly off to Kuala Lumpar next Thursday to attend a friend's wedding-just a quick stay, be back on Tuesday,ready to go to work on Wednesday.
I'm eyeing off a new laptop to bring home on this trip-I've been coveting a Sony Viao for some time & I think its now time to get it. MOTH bought me a new laptop last time he was there but its useless to travel with- it weighs a ton & is hardly portable.
Now with a 2 bag limit on cabin luggage, including laptops everything has got to fit in my carry on bag & this big laptop certainly wont!
I can see the time in the not too distant future where we'll be charged excessively to take any luggage with us on a plane besides a carry-on weighing 3 kg! regardless of how far we are flying.
Lucky I can pack light.
Have been busy making bright luggage labels for the suitcases- hopefully they will be more noticeable on the carousel- thing is you tie it on one end & that's always the end that's hidden under all the other bags!
Happy crafting,


makeitsew07 said...

I like the linens. I doubt I'd ever want to sew on that much bias binding, but you really made them look great !

The luggage tags are a brilliant idea too. I was just using a bit of fabric on my luggage handle, but those are even better. As much as you travel, I could learn a lot by watching you pack, I think.
Thanks for the idea.

Sewlmate Sister said...

I want to sleep on those linens, gorgeous!!!!!