Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Counting the days

I have been slack & not written since MOTH & DD set off on their adventure. Much has happened since then.
DD came off a horse in Mongolia & was taken to the hospital to be checked out- all seems to be OK but she is complaining of a sore tail bone & pain through her hip- guess it will be a trip to the LMO when she returns home to make sure she didn't actually 'do anything'.
MOTH managed to get food poisoning in Moscow- DD is feeling very guilty about this as she bought him the sausage to try- mind you he probably ate the whole thing instead of just a small amount & is it no wonder it went through him faster than a Bondi tram!

DD enjoyed the ballet while in Moscow-they sound like they have had the most wonderful time & I'm so jealous I was not able to go with them- they both love Moscow & would like to go back again & spend more time. They are due home this weekend- I'll be glad to have them both home.

I've been busy sewing-have managed to get 2 projects done & accepted for publication- so that is my goal for this year-4 projects accepted, in one year. The next is to have 4 published in the one year & to make a front cover on the magazine....not sure how you get the project on the front cover but I'll keep on working towards that.
It would appear that all my plans to quilt while MOTH was away have not come to fruition- I certainly was not idle, just didn't do the quilting as I thought I would. I know that at heart I'm a topper, not a quilter. The 14 quilt tops I have waiting to be quilted would attest to that!
My socks are still on my needles- I started this pair back on 30 August & I'm still going-can't wait to get them done- after this I'm having a break from socks & will do some baby clothes for a change. There are a few babies on the way so I'm sure they will be welcomed gifts.

It would appear after asking on Ravelry that today's mums like no fuss garments- not lacy-in bright colours- pastels seem to have fallen by the wayside & after looking at some of the suggested & well loved patterns I can see why- the knitted's are so much more fun. Another thing is they are knitted in heavier ply yarns- that should make them quick to knit up as well. Managed to order over $140 worth of yarns from Bendigo Woollen Mills this afternoon- its not like I don't have enough yarns! I can only hope it will arrive before MOTH arrives home so I can hide it away!

Looks like it'll be quilts, towels & baby garments in the next 12 months for me!
My picture taking has been on the back burner as well-have hardly snapped a thing except for my sewing projects and a few wounds (too gross to post pics of!)....maybe next weekend....or not.
Looks like the storm is on its way- lots of rumbling out there.
Until next time,
Happy Crafting