Saturday, August 30, 2008


TGIS- is all I can say- it's been one heck of a week at work- the staff are falling like flies, one after the other, with this latest flu that is going around. I have woken to an annoying cough & am hoping that things will not progress any further. Roll on summer so we can be rid of all these bugs!

My DH has done nothing much all week-nothing much in the way of things around the house- if you ask him- he hasn't had time to do anything all week! We had no veggies for 3 days as he kept forgetting to go to the grocery store- it wasn't on his list of priorities-but photographing a miniature orchid was.

He must have taken hundreds of shots with a million different settings to get the perfect shot of the orchid which has been silly enough to flower within sight of him!

I nicked into the garden this morning- took 6 shots & came out with this one- not bad at all-for point & shoot! This orchid is about 1cm across, so it's quite small. I'm amazed it hasn't closed itself up again after all the media attention it's been getting all week.

My friend, Carol, emailed me this morning to say she was being featured on a blog on Ann the Gran- but it was my pics of projects that she has used- I used her designs.

Pillowslips make a great gift I've found- everyone seems to like them & can use them- I have a thing about giving gifts that are useful. These are a pair I made for my friend Marge-I combined embroideries in the hoop then stitched them out in one go. Added the frill in a different fabric, ric rac trim & away we went. She loved them!

The fish one was for my Grandson when he was out vi sting from the UK. He was fascinated with my new machine (the pfaff CV arrived the week before they flew in). He went through my stash- picked the fabrics & I found these designs on emblibrary & with his 'help' we stitched them onto the contrast band.
Here's the stitching detail: My beautiful silk yarns arrived from red robin knits through the week- cant wait to get started on knitting them up- a pair of felted clogs to finish first-I ran out of wool 6 rows form the end- don't you just hate that. I decided I'd buy more wool & knit my GS a pair as well- so that justified the purchasing of another pattern.

My search for the perfect shawl pattern has had me printing out numerous ones from the net- looking through my books- I have the Victorian Lace today one but I don't like working off graphs- seems I'll have to learn.

Today I plan to sew- a pair of pillowcases- have had an idea-so must away to try it out!

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kazzajoyce said...

Hi, I am enjoying reading your blog. I agree that vista is irritating, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I got it. Loving your pictures.