Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who wants a whinging 3 year old?

I really don't like Vista. In fact I hate Vista. It's like having a 3 year old child around-asking continually can I do something- I am sure a man developed this program!

Funnily enough when you want to shut down the computer, it doesn't ask you are you sure you want to do this-it just does it.

Thing is, I didn't want vista in the first place. I'm being forced to use it, so that made me not want to like it as I didn't ask for the change.

You see I made the stupid mistake a few months back of listening to my MP3 player on my laptop- I do this occasionally- VERY OCCASIONALLY. Maybe 3-4 times a year, if I'm being generous in my calculations. (Lets face it- if you have been the mother of 5 children you value peace & quiet!)

So, DH comes up to my sewing room & sees that I have the MP3 player plugged in & decides that I need a new laptop. Now don't get me wrong, I love the fact that he thinks of me & I have all the latest in technology, I just didn't need a new laptop-the one I was using is less than 18 months old! and more than anything I didn't want vista as I knew there were lots of problems using it with my embroidery software & that's the main reason I have a laptop in the sewing room.

DH leaves to go overseas before I did on this last trip & phones me (on skype of course- he loves all this technology-oh ,to have a clear, non interrupted call on a land line when he travels!)-from Malaysia- wait & see the new laptop I bought you, its got surround sound & blue ray & blue tooth & a million other things that had letters & I didn't understand any of it......um,why do I need a new laptop? I stupidly ask. Well, you listen to music on yours, you NEED a better sound.....I do? No,I don't....seems I was wrong... I did, I have a new one (he promised the old one to our daughter- I did say she could have the new one, but that apparently is not what he had in mind).

Vista. It will have vista, my embroidery programs won't work-apparently he found out that they have fixed the problems-perhaps- it took 3 days to get the program to work & it's going to take me the rest of my life to figure out how to find my files, delete things & copy & paste- nothing is easy & then we go back to the whinging 3 year old asking me 10 times do I really want to do this.

Of course I bloody well do- I wouldn't have pressed the button in the first place if I didn't.

God help me. I will never play music again on my laptop - mind you, I haven't figured out how to get the MP3 on this one- so that may stand good for a while yet.

My mantra now is to keep my mouth shut- just in case I end up with something else "I need", when I know I don't!

The pics attached to this post were taken while travelling in the South of France.

Flowers in gardens we visited, a chateau on the edge of a cliff. (I wondered at how many villagers died building it by falling to their deaths over the edge.) La Rochelle, a favourite spot & so beautiful.

Eating out at street cafes, jazz musicians playing all round-a feeling of festiveness....wonderful!

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SewIknit2 said...

I'm sew pleased I read this!
my brother is suggesting that we go down the vista route and with emb. software,like you, I'm worried about how it will perform!!

Super pics!
and welcome to blog-land and good luck with yours which is already a super read after only a short entry - keep it up!! you know you must!!

Love, Sue