Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've done it!

The Beginning
After much encouragement (read that as pressure) from my many friends to whom I send pictures of my latest travels around the world, my latest creations I have made, that, I 'just have to share' with them and all accompnaied by my mad mumblings, I've created the blog they all said I should do.....we'll see!
I travel- well, WE travel that is my DH & I- (DH for those that don't know is dear husband-or the D can be for anything you like it to stand for-guess it depends on the mood of the moment- I'm sure you all understand!)
I guess we manage a little more than most, but not as often as others may & while we are away I send home emails with pics attached & stories (the modern day version of a postcard)-so this is for you, all my friends & for those that although you don't know me, would like to join in as well.
DH & I have an on-going competition between the 2 of us- it's not only while we are travelling- it's constant-the rivalry is never far from the surface- technically he is winning-artistically, I am.
We both photograph anything & everything & DH can often be seen behind me (so much so that I have tripped over him)- trying to get the same pic I'm taking. I've taken to pretending- just to put him off the scent.
He uses the latest all singing, all dancing digital SLR (& I must admit it is VERY nice to use- when I can sneak it off him & play with it-he is very reluctant to hand it over- sharing is not one of his better qualities!)
Me, I use a point & shoot that you can do a little more adjusting with-but I maintain they used to take great shots with a box Brownie-lets face it- I DID get the best puffin shot on the day (more on that later). But then his icebergs shots were better.
Recently we have returned home from an around the world trip -he started off in Asia & I headed to the USA to meet up with friends-a great group of gals that have been meeting every year for the past 6 years.
This year we stayed in Intercourse- I kid you not- that was the name of the town- right in the middle of Amish country-in Pennsylvania-the next town along was Paradise- I must admit they do seem to go together.
We are a group of sewists- we all sew different things & have different interests-but sewing is our common thread & we all met on the Internet through a forum.
Some years back one of the gals in Canada was silly enough to invite DH & I to come visit (little did she know it only takes an invitation & we are there-these days I warn my friends not to invite us unless they really mean it!) and so Ya ya was born- the annual get together of the Friendly sewing Group-we've met all over the place, every year, for the past 6 years.
Intercourse was wonderful (well it is, isn't it?LOL)-the pic of the young lad learning to plough (bare feet & all)-he struggled to keep the horses going where he wanted them & we watched amazed as he struggled in the small patch he was ploughing.The horses were winning.
A week of laughing, sharing & friendship- catching up with those we'd met before & welcoming new faces to the group & most of all a week of shopping in all those wonderful quilt shops that abound in that part of the country. Did you know you can fit 14.5kgs of fabric into a medium sized backpack?
So here was the beginning of my holiday-10.5 weeks & over the next few weeks I'll add more to the holiday & share with you some of the projects I completed while travelling & have been doing since I arrived home.
Many thanks to the Mad One who christened me the Oz-tralien some years back- my feet aren't webbed, nor are they green, but it gave me the title for the blog!

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