Sunday, September 7, 2008

Spring CLeaning

Oh boy, what a week. I ended up with the flu- & I thought I may have missed it-not bloody likely. Went down in a screaming heap Saturday night-still have the lethargy & the cough a week later- everyone keeps telling me the cough lasts for weeks- joy o joys- it's such an exciting thing to look forward to.!

We had 4 off at work all on the one day from this same virus-let's just hope we haven't spread to our patients as well- could be really bad for their health..... considering lots of them are old....we won't even go there.

Today is Father's day here in Oz- I wonder if it is F.D. any where else today- not that the kids have done a great deal for the old boy. The 2 sons that live across from the park form us- stumbled up at about 1030- seriously hung over from the party they had last night to celebrate the 30th birthday of one of them- thankfully it was overcast today- they would never have been able to cope if it had been sunny.
Our daughter arrived sometime later, after the boys had returned home to go back to bed, couldn't get her DF to go out for coffee or anything so she stayed for lunch-then we went out-shopping!

I hate clothes shopping- these days I find it really hard to get anything to fit my more than ample figure and / or look any good as well-well, today must have been my lucky day- I came home with a large bag full of clothes- mostly all from Maggie T's shop-must have made the sales lady's day when I said just give me clothes in my size until I have a wardrobe!

It actually was pretty painless doing it this way- I stripped, they brought clothes to me, which I tried on with a great deal of haste- mixed & matched them & should now have more than enough clothes to do me for 2 summers....and I look half decent as well.

The next will be the has to go.....but its finding that great cutter again. I just hate finding new hairdressers-its worse than clothes shopping for a swim suit! Why is it that they up & leave just when you get used to them & of course you never know where they have gone to!

Besides shopping this weekend I've been making tote/shopping bags- the pattern is a free download from Lazy Girl designs I'll give them to the gals at work- none of them sew- most don't even own a sewing machine, so there is no point in asking them to make 2 so it will all be passed on.
My Fiber Trends clogs are all done- how clever are these?! And what fun they were to make. Must say I was a bit concerned having to do them in a front loader that I can't open & check progress on- just had to trust the Gods. Also, I had not pre-felted a sample- like I was going to fill the washing machine just to see- I think not! Anyway I threw them in the front loader in a pillow case, turned the water up to as hot as it would go, turned the spin down to as low as it would go- put in a little washing powder & away I went- they felted- no problems at all!

Packed them with paper, left them to dry- also chucked them in the drier for a few rounds as well- they were so much fun to make I've ordered the kids pattern & will use up some spare wool on some little nippers I know!

Also started a knitted string bag this week- progress is slow as my brain is not fully functional at this stage-but progress is being made- hopefully it'll be finished this week. This project I'll do again but change it slightly on the next one...crochet the first 3 rows then pick it up to knit- for me that will be infinitely easier.

Also managed to clean out my wardrobe & throw out all my old daggy clothes, sort through some kitchen cupboards & have a throw out in there- spring must be here I'm cleaning out the nest!

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SewIknit2 said...

I spring clean my wardrobe regularly and that of dh and lads too! it is painful and tedious shopping for new clothes!
Love the felted clogs btw!!