Sunday, August 17, 2008

Socks & Security

One thing I did find out on this trip was-short 6" DPNs made from bamboo go through the security checks in airports without any problems- so did my knitpicks wooden interchangeables (left in pieces so no-one would think I could garrot someone with the cable).

One of my under wire bras didn't fair so well & a pair of jeans with all those little studs (it was a short flight, I wasn't thinking)- this meant I had to have the full pat down & get everything checked-everyone was wondering what had happened to me..well, that will teach me. I'm sure if airport security could get us to go naked, they would! (not a pretty site, in my case).

Flying these days is not as much fun as it used to be, but it's not going to stop me.

After knitting 6 dishcloths & 3 shawls/scarves I decided to tackle socks-seemed a lot of my Internet pals were discussing the merit of knitting them.

I've been knitting since before I started school- I was taught using fiddle sticks & scraps of yarn at my mother's knee, as were all my sisters. Over the years I've knitted just about everything, except socks. It wasn't that I thought they were difficult, it was that no one ever wanted a knitted pair of socks, so why knit them?

Truth be told, I'm not sure that anyone wants them all these years later, but they are going to get them! and they better wear them!

Not long before I left to come on this trip I did attempt to make socks- I made one. I was not that pleased with the result, the sock & the rest of the yarn were put away. I used self patterning yarn, the pattern on the back of the ball band & I thought the sock looked ugly when finished (& I had bought 2 balls of this stuff YUK!).

My pal in Canada took me to a lovely little quilt & wool shop-I came out with bamboo DPN's & a ball of Noro sock yarn-bright & cheerful looking stuff. I found a free pattern online & I couldn't knit fast enough!

Sock one was started on the flight from Canada to London & the second sock knitted on the London to Paris eurostar train ride! Lucky I had picked up another ball of sock yarn in our few days in London! By this stage I was altering the pattern to give me different looks & what an easier way to knit socks this pattern was. They even looked like some one might wear them!

We hurtled across the french countryside on our way to Bordeaux, me knitting as fast as I could, glancing at the scenery whizzing past, here we were going to catch up with our daughter & her DH who had been driving around Germany & Spain after going to a wedding in Germany a couple of weeks earlier.

I love the French countryside,the quaint villages, the outdoor cafes & the weather, it was hot-oh bliss after Newfoundland & London, it was lovely to see sunshine & feel the warmth again! And not to have to wear 5 layers of clothing!

Our DTR had organized a drive around the south of France- taking in sites she wanted to see ( she's a geologist) & things she thought would interest us all-nothing booked, except for the first night, a road map & lots of printouts from Google. We had a ball. Every time we thought we were lost, the road we wanted would turn up or directions on how to get there-talk about a wing & a prayer. It is wonderful to travel with your grown-up kids.

Unfortunately for me I can't knit or read in a car-so the needles had to be put away through the day, only to do short bursts of a night time before going to sleep. I envy those that can sit in a car & read, embroider, sew, knit- me I just usually fall asleep!

The pic was taken from the car window of the Cathedral in Bordeaux & my first 'pair' of socks- the Noro yarn ones. When I showed these to my DTR she just loved then, I couldn't believe it- she even ASKED could she HAVE them-my socks had a home! Just what every crafty person likes to hear!

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