Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bras & Things

One of the many things I have sewn is bras. No, they are not difficult- in fact they are really easy, take only small amounts of fabric & when your friends find out you MAKE them- they'll be after you to make theirs as well. In fact, they make the best gifts with matching knickers & cami. What gal doesn't like pretty undies?

Some years back at a gathering of the Ya Ya's I endeavoured to teach them how to make bras (I have a feeling that the amount of Baileys that had been consumed by us all had something to do with the frivolity of the lesson!)

My fellow Ya Ya, Mary, has my lessons up on her site & it can be found here under Pauline's bra class my DIL who has minimal sewing experience managed to make herself a bra-so I'm sure you could manage as well, if you know how to use a sewing machine.
The ability to sew underwear has lead me into some interesting paid jobs over the years- I make a point of not asking too many questions & keeping a poker face at all times! It pays well.

Progressing with our travels.

After leaving my fellow Ya Ya's I flew off to join my DH & 2 other couples in St. John's, Newfoundland. I must say that Newfoundland had never been on my list of places to see before I can no longer travel....but, I'm so glad I've seen it.

We had suggested to the fellas to travel here so the gals could attend the Canadian Quilt Symposium which was being held in St. Johns & to 'have a look around' (meaning find as many quilt shops as we could).

They told me it was summer. They lied. It was freezing- in the middle of the day it was colder than an overnight low temperature here in Sydney on a record breaking night!

Doning all the clothes I had packed to venture out most days had me looking like the Michelan tyre man, but it was the only practical way to keep warm. A local did tell me that it doesn't really warm up until September! ( I firmly believe them)

Talking to the locals was an interesting exercise- the older folk, the real Newfies- the language seemed to be a mixture of Irish & Scottish, with the word usuage from 100 years ago- it made conversations interesting to say the least.

My puffin pic was a fluke- I have to admit it- but I was the only one to get in focus shots of them on the day. Personally, I thought at any moment a huge gust of wind was going to carry me off the small bit of land I was standing on (having traversed a land bridge to get onto it) & send me plumeting to my death on the rocks below or carry me to Greenland like Mary Poppins! I did not go back the following day as the 2 disappointed fellas (whose pics were not in focus) had to return to try again, in even windier conditions. Sometimes photographers are crazy!

The land is bleak, windy & cold & often covered with barely growing vegetation-but it's spectacular & wild & well worth going to see.

Now, I'd like to see Labrador- perhaps on another trip.

After spending 2 weeks in Canada we left our friends & set off for the UK to continue our RTW trip.

By this stage I had completed 6 dishcloths,3 scarves & started on socks-whose idea was it to knit socks, anyway? I was not told how addictive they are.

More next time.

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Joufknister said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU for that link on making bras! I can't wait to do this. I've made a few corsets, but never a bra. I found you on Ravelry, of course. Love your site. Love the pics.