Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bits 'n Pieces

It's not often I have a lazy weekend- doing nothing-but this weekend has been one of them. I was just not in the mood for doing anything much at all.
Not that I did 'nothing'.
My list of 'to do' things before the trip to the USA-now has lots of ticks on it!
I checked out Knitpicks & placed an order- that will be delivered to my GF's & I'll pick it up when I visit in May. In some ways I'm glad they don't post to Oz or I'd be done for-you'd find me buried under a pile of wool & fabric.
I certainly don't need anything in the parcel before then- its more sock yarn (which I find hard to resist) & a ball winder. I do have a ball winder- well, really, technically its a cone winder & the balls tend to collapse on themselves as I don't keep the plastic cone in there.....
Next on my list was embroideryonline, after I had gone through all my machine embroidery threads, to see which ones need replacing-that took me the best part of 3 hours on Saturday . The up shot of that is that all the threads are tidy & sorted. Seems I need a few threads-I've sewn more than I thought I had in the past 12 months.
Sew, when I arrive at Barb's it'll be like Christmas for me- all these parcels that I have delivered to her place prior to my arrival.
I played around with a Flickr album- I seem to have albums all over the place with pics in them-but I'll keep this one for my sewing & knitting.

My knitting is certainly progressing well. After I gave Gemma her pink socks I then completed the blue, Embossed Leaves, pair- they are really gorgeous & I love the heel & toe detail in them-a little different to what I've done on other pairs. Very classy looking.

Today I started a pair with my yarn cafe shimmer yarn-it's a variegated yarn & patterns do not show well with all the colours. This is my improvised pair- I'm making it up as I go- hopefully when I finish I'll have something wearable & that fits a foot as well- you never know what will happen when I start to knit. I am now ready to turn the heel.

This afternoon I sat & watched 2 movies on DVD- I rarely sit & watch anything at all-its a good excuse to knit. The first one was a Helen Hunt one- 'then there was you' I think was the name of it- lovely girlie type movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The second one was Indecent Proposal-I wonder how many people, in a similar situation, would do the same thing. Hell ,I'd have 'slept' with Robert Redford for nothing!

MOTH leaves for Malaysia on Wednesday, then onto UK-we don't catch up again until I get to Canada around 3 June.

Tuesday week I'm off to Hong Kong with the gals for our yearly shopping trip-this is when I might buy the camera I've been after- no DH saying to buy a Sony! Looking forward to our 6 days away- no guys-no meals- no dishes!!!! The perfect holiday!
Happy Crafting

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Fyrewitch said...

I love the pattern on the blue socks, so very pretty! And the colours in the second one!