Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sock it to Me!

I finished another pair of socks today & started yet another pair, the needles hardly have time to cool down!-this will be my 7 th pair this year-I certainly seem to have caught the sock bug!

Socks are so easy to knit, they are very transportable, you can try out different patterns on not too many stitches & everyone who doesn't knit is fascinated at what you are knitting.

This last pair I have started are from Jeanie Townsend- sock knitter extraordinaire-they are called Lilac socks- but mine are blues rather than mauve.
Some weeks back I ordered 4 balls of Patonyle sock yarn in white & I have it in hanks ready to dye whatever colours take my fancy-it was blue-y/turquoise the other night. If I keep knitting at this rate I may even knit up all my sock yarn stash before the winter is out. That would be something.

I really don't think I'll get too much knitting done in the next week as I leave for Hong Kong very early Tuesday morning & wont be back until the the following Monday morning. This year there are 4 of us going-a nice small number for me to handle as the 'tour guide'.

During the past week I have researched prices on cameras & lenses-its always best to know your prices before striking up a deal with those shifty Kowloon salesman. One thing I have learnt is that they will tell you they have no stock if they don't want to bargain with you- if the price offered is too low for them. This is a change from many years ago when they'd rob you blind if you bargained too hard with them!

Hong Kong is a great destination- I think this is my 18 th trip there- I've really lost count these days. Its safe,its interesting (especially if you leave Kowloon & Nathan Road & get out a bit) & its a shoppers paradise.
We will travel up to Shenzhen on the Wednesday- hopefully we will still be able to get special visas to go over the border there. I know things have changed since last year,so it will be interesting to see what is going on there. I was told that all shopping there now is in CNY$ not HK$- so that will be a change for us.

My bags are not packed- although I do have some fabric pulled from my stash ready to pack to take to the tailors if we are able to get over the border. Last year I had tailored pants made for $12 a pair-this year its more trousers & tops. I do find it better to take something that fits well & have it copied- this is where they excel.
Baggage allowances have also become stricter since we were away this time last year. I was told by someone who works for an airline that they now get bonuses if they get lots in excess baggage from the passengers.....hmmmm...seems unfair!
I remember last year a very nice gent at Heathrow told me that my bags were 15 kg over weight & that I would have to pay for the excess. I reminded him that I was on a RTW ticket & had gone through North America first, which gave me 2 bags at 23kg each. There was no charge. Seems unfair that they will still carry the excess but charge you excessively for it-in my case there may have been no charge, but unless I knew this bit of information I would have been charged! I need to check the allowances prior to the USA trip this year.

MOTH has finally come around on the camera- I have done lots more research & will buy the Nikon D80 or a Sony A200- I have decided it is time to change cameras. The prices are on my notepad to pack with me.
Hopefully I'll get lots of pics while we are in HK-not that I don't have lots! but there is always something fun to see.

Until next time, happy crafting,
Oz- tralien

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