Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ramblings of Mad Woman

My knitting has progressed well through the week. I have completed one of the socks of hideousness & am at the heel of the second one....perhaps I'll finish this one before we leave for Melbourne on Thursday morning.

We are off to visit with No 1 son & his family- namely the 4 year old GS. Apparently he has been throwing hissy fits & his parents are not amused-especially when he is out & does it. There is lots of advice on dealing with temper tantrums & small children & we do know they grow out of it-but at the time you'd like to give them away until they can be returned to you as reasonable young persons- about 25 years of age- give or take a few years!

Thankfully, none of ours were real hissy fitters-they may have thrown the odd one ,but it wasn't a regular occurrence- mine learnt pretty quick they never got their own way with me if they did resort to temper & tears. I also only fought the battles with them that were necessary- I never worried if they wanted to put a blue T shirt with the orange shorts- I let them pick their their own clothes from very early on-at least then they felt like they had some control over their own lives.
Lets face it, when rearing kids, by the time you know you stuffed it all up ,its too late! Some children should be born with an instruction manual- & not written in Chinglish either!

On the camera front, I wish I had never gone there. MOTH is getting very insistent that I buy a Sony- he even offered to buy me an A200 to see if I liked it or not-the more he pushes the more I want the Nikon D80-at this stage I'm not buying anything-I just can't stand the angst it is creating! I wonder what happened to free will in this family.....obviously not when buying a camera!
My sewing has been productive- I have written up the instructions for both my articles that are to be published, done the samples, photographed what I needed to & sent it to the editor! YEAH- even the articles are ready to be boxed & posted, hopefully tomorrow. Well before my deadline date.
DD dropped some fabric in this afternoon to make a slip for her to wear under a sheer top-that must have taken all of 45 minutes from drafting to finishing-only cost her $5 for the fabric a far cry from spending $45 to buy one.

As I was making this little slip up I was thinking that when I was her age we wore the sheer things without anything much underneath them ,funny how times have changed- we flaunted it all back in the day- these days it is better left hidden away- no one wants to see what I used to have any more! Lets face it- it isn't even where it used to be , anymore!! LOL

It would appear that many people are returning to sewing & crafting with the recession- great for all of us who have always done so & good for the businesses that sell the items- hopefully it will bring about a resurgence of crafting & sewing.
Until next timeOz-tralien


LunaMoth said...

Love your take on the socks of hideousness! What yarn are you using? They look far less hideous in that colourway.

Very nice blog, and I love the photo of the geranium buds -- reminds me that it's almost spring here in Canada.

Oz-tralien said...

It is the first yarn I purchased from you -red,blues-they certainly don't look hiddeous! every one loves them.
Those geraniums have been flowering pretty well non stop since Dec 05 when I put them in the planters on the balcony!

LunaMoth said...

Ha ha, I *thought* that yarn looked familiar! I like it with that pattern.

It's too early to put plants out here yet (temps still well in the minus range overnight), but the snow is going and they daytime temps are approaching the double digits. Amazing what sort of stuff turns up when the snow melts -- things that have been forgotten since October....

Oz-tralien said...

never a flake of snow here-way too warm, all year around! Sydney has a very teperate climate.
Nearly finished the second sock- knitting up quite nicely-now to stop buying sock yarn until I finish at least half of what I have!

SewIknit2 said...

as a Mum who HAS a son who is champion of all hissy fits to END all hissy fits, I can say that the best approach is to ignore it and let it happen!
we're lucky in that our son recovers himself and returns to "normal" quite soon after, but we're getting interesting variations now he's turned 13yrs!!
Super looking blog btw! well done!!