Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Knitting, Travel & Airport Security

We flew to Melbourne this past weekend to catch up with DS no1, his wife & our 4 year old GS-it's so nice to see them more often these days, without the long flight to London! They all seem to be settling in very well. GS can tell you where all the trams are going by the number & even remembered to tell me that on the weekend they ran a No.3 so we could get that is we missed the 96! Not sure what they'll teach him in school next year!
On the flight down I sat & knitted my socks on my small DPN"s without a hitch- no one said a thing. They cleared security with no problems & the knitting was sitting in the top of my bag so anyone could see it.

On the flight home our plane was delayed for take off & I sat & knitted again-many of the flight staff walked passed me without comment....then it only took one.....Excuse me, you can't knit on the plane. I'm not sure how you cleared security with them.....I'll have to confiscate them.

You can imagine my surprise as I'd been knitting for the previous 30 minutes & no one had commented, indeed I knitted around the USA & back to Oz from the USA & no one said I had a dangerous implement on board.
So take my knitting they did- to the Captain & Security meet me at the plane after we landed, walked me back out of the airport & handed me back my knitting! As most of the Flight Staff commented- not sure what I could do with them- I said- not even pick your teeth as they aren't sharp enough! looks like I'll be packing them on the next flights! Sure passes the time if I can knit.

While we were on St Kilda beach with the wild child one day we came across a group of Indigenous People dancing & someone taking a video of them- I snapped a few pics-not sure what it was all about.
I have completed the Lacewave socks & given them to Gemma-I think she was rather pleased to be a recipient of my knitted socks & now I've moved on to Embossed Leaves from the same book. I have completed 1 sock already & down on to the leg of the second-so well & truly underway with them.

Socks are so easy to knit-doesn't take long to get to the end of a needle & at 64 stitches all round -they knit up very quickly. The Wild Child has asked for matching socks to his fingerless mitts & beanie which he calls his rainbow lorikeet outfit!

DIL is wearing the socks I gave her for Christmas & is very pleased with them- I never thought in a million years I'd ever be knitting socks!

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