Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thanks for the Memories

Yesterday I went on my Redballoonday with Sydney Photographic Workshops.
This was a day that my family had paid for for as birthday present for me-it turned out to be a great gift!

What an excellent day I had.

My camera was by far the oldest & the least fancy- most of the group were sporting Cannon's with more lenses than a photographic shop & the professionals that took us!

We started out at lunchtime with harsh over head light & snapped all day until the sun had gone down & we had a lovely model, Annabelle, who posed for us & did the fire poise for us-spectacular on the darkened beach.

This is where my camera was limited as I don't have the shutter speeds like the full digital cameras, but I got a few decent shots off. The professional photographers were really great with me- trying different things to get the best from my camera & a lot of it is composition & the lighting-it might be nice to zoom in & get the fly on a nose, but at this stage I can live without it-I'm still not prepared to carry 6 KG of camera gear around with me when travelling!

MOTH had a look at my shots- declaring that he could do better & that a few of them were too postcard-y....but to me they are 100% on what I was taking 4 weeks ago! AND, lets face it- he would never say I took a better pic than he did!

La Perouse was an interesting place. I've lived in Sydney my whole life & never been there, that I can remember. It is obviously a popular venue for bridal photographers as there must have been at least 6-8 bridal parties there during the time we were there, all dressed in their finery, clambering across the rocks & rock pools. They, had at least removed stilettos for easy to manage thongs!

I came home exhausted & happy & had taken over 500 shots- this would never have happened back in the days of film- I'm also sun burnt!, but thankfully not too badly....

I'm sure a great day was had by all....and I may just go off & do a few more classes now!

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