Sunday, April 19, 2009

Short Attention Span.

It would appear that my attention span for knitting socks is about 1 week. I am struggling with the socks I started prior to going to Hong Kong, back in the week of Easter.The first sock is done & looks quite good & I am one pattern repeat from starting the heel on the second sock, but I am so over these socks! This afternoon I wound the 'sunshine' coloured sock yarn in readiness for the next pair & can't wait to get started on them-haven't even picked a pattern, I just want to move on.
Once, when travelling through India an old man read my palm-he said I liked to travel- well, that was a no-brainer-I was in the backwoods of India & obviously not Indian! but he did tell me that I had a mind that flittered like a butterfly-once I learnt how to do something I then flittered off to learn something new.....that describes me pretty well much to a tee! And this sock is holding me back-its time to move on with it! He told me lots of other things that were pretty accurate as well-I sometimes wonder how they do it-read body language, guess,or is it really in our stars, our palms or our numbers.....
Its taken me all week to get back into some order after the very hectic week in Hong Kong-a separate blog on that, hopefully through the week. Suffice to be said we had a great time-spent lots, saw lots, did lots. I think most of my stuff is now packed away & the laundry caught up- the downside of having to return home at some point.

MOTH is still in Kuala Lumpar- he leaves tomorrow for London-appears he is having wonderful time-he must be, he isn't phoning me every single night telling me he feels guilty for going away & leaving me at home, again.....this guilt is always good for a guilt gift.Diamond earrings, laptop computers, handbags-he always buys me something when he gets to feeling guilty about his travelling-I can live with it!LOL

This weekend saw me do some sewing-all requests-an apron for a birthday present, 2 towels for a couple & a baby towel. I do have one more baby towel to do-if its a boy it'll be Joe & I have the name all done to transfer to the machine....if its a girl, then they haven't picked a name. This couple have 2 girls already but didn't want to know the sex prior to the birth. The baby will be delivered tomorrow at 10am, so I'm told,-she has a C section, so its all arranged.
It is much easier for me if I know the sex ahead of time at least then I can do things that are gender appropriate! Thirty years ago we did not have this luxury of knowing the gender prior to the birth.

Thirty years ago we didn't have ultra sounds as a routine exam in a pregnancy. I remember that I had to have one when I was pregnant with our twins (they are 27)-the first one was done to give dates as I had no idea the month, let alone date of my last period, I just wasn't paying attention & I did have an IUD in!!! Can imagine every one's surprise when they found 2, not 1 foetuses in there! Even when I had the second scan to check weights I never even thought to ask if they could tell what sex they were-mind you I told everyone that it would be 2 boys as that is what my family had always produced for some reason. Nothing changed. I produced twin boys as well-didn't need an ultra sound to tell me! These days everyone gets scanned & a lot find out the gender-I find it difficult not knowing these days if I'm sewing for the baby....ah well-there are always those non- gender colours of white, lemon & green!
Happy crafting,


SewIknit2 said...

I know what you mean about the socks and moving on!
We had scans with our lads and we specifically said we didn't want to know what we were expecting th 2nd time, only the nurse let it slip because she had a student in with her and she "forgot" that we were there too!!
Projects are gorgeous - as always! I've not embroidered for years now!!
Sue xx

Oz-tralien said...

No embroidery? none at all? WOW. I seem to be as busy as ever with it-having 2 projects published later in the year & am trying to think up more!