Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Bee or not to Bee

Today I decided that I would try to capture that elusive shot of a bee. Not just 'A' bee, but, a bee in focus. This proved to be rather more of a challenge than I realized.

With camera & lenses in hand I ventured into the backyard where there were lots of bees-ah, this shouldn't be too hard- I only had to get one good shot.

Yeah, right.
Snapped off about 30 pics & came inside to have a look- deleted most, there were a few hopefuls.

Returned to the backyard-snapped off a few more-back inside, and a look on the computer & there were definitely some better shots in the next lot.

I then decided why not Google 'taking bee photos'- there were many who had tried before me & some of the shots were absolutely awesome-I just wanted a good shot- I'll go for awesome when I understand what I am doing.

One photographer was a font of information- suggesting a tripod, wait patiently as bees tend to return to the same flowers & communicate with each other where the best nectar is to be found (that's something I didn't know)-also to focus on the flower rather than chasing the bee around.

Hmmmm.....all made sense. So out I went again this time with the tripod, set myself up & waited-it seemed all the bees had disappeared- there wasn't one to be found! Perhaps they were camera shy or something.

I waited & waited & sure enough they returned & as I watched the bees did indeed return to the same flowers-almost in the same order & I snapped off a few more pics.
Then I thought I'd give RAW a try-I mean to say I have this feature I might as well try it & learn about it at some stage.....back inside for a preview of all I'd taken & even I was surprised at the detail I managed to pick up-I was truly amazed!

I've promised my family & friends that I will not send them any more bee pics-I'm happy with what I achieved- far from perfect that it is, but at least I'm learning more & trying more with the settings.

One thing I noticed while sitting quietly in the garden, was, that, the Willie Wag Tails have returned...I've missed their little chat chat sound & their higher pitched noise when defending their territory-they are a cute little bird that looks to me, that he is dressed in a tuxedo! You know that autumn is truly on its way when the WWT's have arrived!
As for a picture, in my dreams- they are so quick in the garden it would truly be a lucky snap!

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