Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jaywalker- or Jayded walker

Hooray! I've finally finished the Jaywalker socks. What an absolutely boring pattern I thought this was. I truly struggled to complete them. The pattern just didn't keep my interest-although I do like the effect of the diagonal striping it created.
Many a time over the past few weeks I've been very tempted to start another project, but, me being me, I knew they would become a UFO at the bottom of the basket. If I start a project I must finish it before starting something else, or nothing ever gets completed.

I admire these knitters & sewers that can have 3 or more projects going at the one time-when they get bored with one they just pick up another one & so the cycle goes until they have a project finished & have already started on more in the meantime.
Not me. If I don't slog it out & finish it, no matter how bored or frustrated I am with it, it just won't ever get finished. It'll be bagged & eventually given to someone to finish, if they like it, or put in a clothing collection bag for a charity shop.Get rid of the evidence....what socks? I never knitted purple socks, surely you must be mistaken! If its not in the house it can't be classified as a UFO. Simple.

Took some of my shots from last weekend to work to show my workmates & one of them asked if she could get a blown up copy of one of the prints to frame & put on her of my pictures? WOW- no one has ever wanted something I took to frame.
After having the pic blown up to a 10 x 8 photo & thinking how good it looked, I decided to try a few more at being enlarged as well-I was amazed at what they looked like. It was no doubt all a big fluke of me getting the shots in the first place! Even the guy at the photo shop commented on them (in a positive way) out MOTH I'm out to catch you with the picture taking!
I've pulled some intercostal muscles after a coughing fit the other day- one is supposed to ingest water, not inhale it-the upshot of this is my ribs feel like they are broken & it has been hell to breathe more than a shallow breath most of the weekend. A sneeze nearly made me pass out from the sudden stabbing pain.

I am now breathing somewhat easier- my ribs are still definitely "there"-but at least I can now inhale!
So, with my ribs being so sore & not being able to breath fully for most of the weekend I've had a very quiet weekend- had to knock back a walk to 'The Peak' with DS no4, at sunset, to take pics-I knew my ribs just weren't up to it! (he's the one in the pic above)
Called into Myers this week to see if my new Samsonite bag was back from the repairers- can't say I'm too pleased that the buckle inside the case broke on its first flight-I'm just hoping it will be back this week, if it's not, this will leave me with no luggage to take to the USA Monday week.
Just my trusty carry on bag is all I have left! Both my Qantas brand bags were trashed after last years around the world flights & have been ditched- not that I could have taken them, with the handles ripped out & the extension handle broken off-I should really have claimed them when I got back, but didn't notice all the damage until later on.
On one of our trips home MOTH's zipper stop got caught in the carousel, by the time he freed it he had undies & socks all over the place! He was most embarrassed by it all- we did put a claim in that time. Nothing like chasing your dirty laundry around the carousel with hundreds of people watching!

Next weekend I'm working, then its out of the house for an early start at the airport-am so looking forward to this trip & to catching up with all my friends....oh, and MOTH as well-although he tells me he's off to Germany tomorrow to catch up with his mate who is there travelling with his daughter-great life if you can get away with it.


SewIknit2 said...

I knitted a pair of Jaywalkers too and while it wouldn't be my fave pattern it does give an interesting shape!
Have you tried a pair of Monkeys? they are rather nicer and I've knitted two pairs and would do another easily!
I've got my socks on circulars now - have you tried this yet?
Sue xx

Oz-tralien said...

I've ordered a sock kit from Knitpicks & its at Barbs waiting for me to pick it up-along with yarns & more circulars-I'll be giving the magic loop & 2 together toe up a go while travelling.