Sunday, September 21, 2008

On a Roll

Have had a very productive weekend with my sewing . My knitting seems to have to be on the back burner at the present time.

Started a toiletry bag for a work mate's birthday, her birthday was last week-whoops I missed the day, but she is on holidays,so maybe she won't notice.

Sandie is hard to do anything for as she is one of these people that gives everything away-not always what you want when you hand make gifts. She is also one of those people that brings you little gifts of things because she thought it looked like something you may use.

So to come up with something that she won't re gift....I put her name on it-unless she knows another Sandie, it'll be a bit hard to give it away! LOL I'm yet to go buy a few essentials to go into it for travelling- that's the idea of the bag.

Last year for Christmas I did everyone in the family one-put in a small tissue pack, toothbrush, small toothpaste,chap stick for the girls,shavers, little shampoos & conditioners-all those things that you need when you go away- they were a great success, so I thought this is something Sandie will hopefully use.

I also made 7 pencil rolls for the all the kids at work (grandchildren & Larissa's 2 boys)-ended up doing them production line style & managed to do 5 today.Did 2 yesterday & the embroidery for one that I completed today.

The design I used comes from Carol A Brown whose designs are on Ann the Gran-I also used her alphabets on the pillow cases- the link is in a previous post.

Hopefully these will help teach the kids colour matching, keep the pencils together & be a fun gift for them as well.

I was going to do a write up of how I did them but then if you really want to know you can always email for the instructions-you'd need a pencil design & software for your embroidery machine to be able to do it the same way. My week has been 'off'- that's probably the best description of it.

The flu I had the other week set of my Celiac disease into overdrive- everything I was eating was making me feel ill (I wouldn't mind so much if I lost weight with all of this- but I never do!) The culprit of course was lactose but it took me 2 weeks to pick up on it so made myself more ill than least at this end of the week I'm feeling much better but my food choices are pretty slim with no gluten & no dairy.....let's hope it rights itself in a reasonable time like it usually does. Good thing is I'm not falling asleep at the drop of a hat as I had been (one of my weird symptoms I get with the CD).

The white blossom tree is starting to bloom in the backyard- spring is well & truly here- although with a temperature of 33*C yesterday it was more like summer. I love this time of year-especially the temperatures before it gets too hot.

My son's family arrived from the UK on Thursday (wife & 4 year old son)- they have moved out here to live-they maybe in Melbourne but that's a hell of a lot closer than London- I'll do an hour flight any day over a 24 hour one. DS no1 has been here on his own since the end of May- so it has been a long separation for them all.

Vista is still driving me crazy-although I have started to find my way around it & I finally got my little Canon Selphy printer to work- boy hasn't that been an effort- downloaded some more drivers today & I finally have action I printed out 15 pics form the recent holiday....dare I try the graphics tablet.....might leave that for next week!

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