Monday, June 1, 2009

Ya Ya 2009

Ya Ya 2009 is officially underway & what a wonderful time we are having-lots of laughter, shopping & is good.

We've shopped till we dropped, walked miles- only in fabric stores- the variety of quilt fabrics is amazing-no 2 shops seem to have the same fabrics-just how many quilt fabrics are there?

We will have to keep looking to make sure we have seen them all, would hate to miss any!
Some of the gals have bought huge amounts of fabrics- you can tell they don't have to fly home & are limited to 23kg in their baggage allowance.
I've already posted a box home....this year I decided to be more organized & just send the surplus home rather than be worrying about excess baggage all the time-even sending it home is lots cheaper than buying quilting fabric at home.
The average price of quilting cottons here is about $5.95 (or less) a yard....a far cry from our $22 a metre or more!
Yesterday Barb & I drove around the back roads & came across the Amish having a Sunday get-together-50 or 60 buggies parked-the younger ones playing volleyball,long trestle tables laden with food & all of them dressed in their Sunday best.
Off to go shopping!
Happy Crafting

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