Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Shop Hopping in Lancaster County

Today was another big shopping day-a quilt shop hop through Lancaster County-we don't actually get to a lot of shops, but we sure do manage to buy a lot!
Show & tell will be later this evening after supper....but I know I spent the most today as I ordered a roll of batting & will have it shipped home-even with the $150 to ship it-it still works out about half the cost per metre than buying it in Oz....and the ranges of fabrics....it's just so hard not to buy a yard or 2 of everything you see!
The Amish were out & about this morning- someone said it was a holiday for them-I did manage to get a few snaps with the telephoto lens-although its hard to be discreet with that great honking thing out at full length! (mostly I hid behind a sign to be discreet & waited until they came into range).

Connie is cooking Chinese food for dinner tonight-wonderful smells are already coming from the kitchen-not sure what she has started to cook, but it smells fantasticl!
The weather has been fbeautiful for us-clear blue skies each day-makes toting all those shopping bags just that much easier!LOL

Barb & I are sitting back , sipping a very large Baileys, checking our days photos & me writing the blog while the other 4 are still out & its still relatively quiet! They have just arrived home-peace is shattered!-they seem to be singing-I wonder what they have vbeen drinking!LOL
Happy Crafting

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