Sunday, September 5, 2010

Knitting & Life

We have a new grand baby! She's beautiful. Then, we are biased, she's also now 18 weeks old-so not so new.

I think I must have sewed myself out before her birth & knitted everything I could think of & then, nothing. Not a thing really. Got very slack.

The machine just wasn't calling to me. I've knitted a little. Life took over.

After the jubilation of the arrival of our grand-daughter we were shocked (doesn't even come close) to find she has a rare genetic disorder. You know the heel prick test all new borns get, that no one ever hears anything about? That one. Its called PKU and there is lots on the web about it. Missy was only the second baby born this year with it in New South Wales.
Life has settled down somewhat. Blood tests & changes in her formula (which smells shocking & she has for life) & breast feeding amounts. Her parents seem to be coping well with it all (not that you get a choice)-might be easier when solids are introduced. Fruit & vegetables is basically what she'll eat.Guess I'll be learning to cook all over again. I wonder if gluten free (me) & PKU can be blended (wouldn't be much choice there). The specialist unit at Westmead Children's Hopsital have been wonderful.

Missy is now smiling, laughing & 'talking' & today she rolled over, twice, just to show her parents it wasn't a fluke the first time! What a delight they are at this age & even better as a grandparent that you get to give them back when they start to cry too much. It's wonderful having them live so close as well-we don't miss any of the action this way.

Today I made Missy some new shoes-the ones I made her before she was born, she has grown out of, she may be small but she has big feet! (they are on another blog post further back). These ones were from and are so cute and girly. I made a size 3-6 months but aren't too sure that these will actually fit her. No matter I have another expected girl who they can go to.

On the knitting front I've made my Grandson some socks (special request as he had grown out of the last ones I knitted him) and have moved onto scarves and shawls-these have been sent to my DIL. I've found something else she likes and I'm only too happy to oblige! (it seems I have misplaced the pics on both my computers...hmmmm) Done some dishcloths & more baby tops for Missy-the needles are really empty these days.

A new position at work has also had me busy. These days its all day in the office, although I do escape sometimes to do the odd call or 2. A new challenge, in more ways than one!
Happy crafting

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Those Shoes are so cute. I am so sorry to hear that your Grandaughter has PKU. What a shock for all of you. I have a book on knitting baby socks. I really should try to knit some but they look difficult. Take care now. Marion