Sunday, March 14, 2010

Holidays,Hotels & Home.

I love to travel. There is nothing I like doing more than catching a plane to faraway places & seeing new people & places, but, there is nothing like being home in my own bed again! What is it that no bed in any hotel is like the bed you leave at home?

We flew off to Singapore & spent 3 days catching the sites, shopping & eating, more shopping & more eating. Our DS No2 & his GF/partner came with us & I think Hanh was on a mission to improve Singapore's economy on her own & try every food available. We stayed at the Novotel at Clarke Quay & the bed was HARD, Hard, hard! the location was great, the hotel was good & we'd all stay there again. MOTH was itching to get to Newton's Circus for his usual Tiger Beer & 40 satays- I've never seen anyone put away satays like that man! When eating at Newton's Circus you must beware that the stalls will try & rip you off on the seafood- buyer beware- the price they give for sea food is usually 50 or 100 grams-get them to weigh it before you agree to eating it- the seafood is excellent, just make sure you know upfront what its going to cost!

While we were in Singapore we caught the last of the Chinese New Year celebrations- there was much banging of drums & dancing of dragons! Makes for good shopping as we picked up some really good bargains.

We moved on to Penang after Singapore-here we stayed at the Shangri-La- talk about staying in the lap of luxury- this place was amazing, the attention to detail was incredible. I think this would have to be the cleanest hotel I've ever stayed in anywhere in the world- the staff were great & amazingly they had GF food on the breakfast buffet. The bed was good here!

I managed to fit 2 treatments in at the day spa- this place was amazing as well-had a Chi Balance Massage & a caviar & lotus facial- I should look a million dollars after that but I wasn't expecting miracles!
We'd walk down the street each night & visit the local places to eat-we certainly got a variety of foods. After dinner we'd walk back up the main street through the night market they set up each night.

We had such a great time here we are now proposing this hotel to be our next family get together. MOTH is reluctant, as he is the one paying!LOL

After 3 wonderful days in Penang we flew off to Langkawi to stay at the Sheridan Beach resort. Never again. The hotel was isolated, you had to ring the main desk everytime you wanted to leave your room as it was too far & too hot to walk the place is so spread out- the rooms needed refurbishing, the linen was tattered & threadbare, the bed was comfortable- got to give them that, but the service was so mean you only got 45 minutes internet per room per day free- on their computers up at reception & they didn't even give you a daily paper to read. MOTH missed his paper!

Their one saving grace was the Captain's Choice restaurant had the best food- we all gave it topmarks & a family of 6 sea otters scampered across the beach to go fishing as we were eating- that was worth it! there were also monkeys all around the resort as well.

Then home. My own bed. Bliss.

Since being back home I've booked our Girls trip to HK for Easter-only 4 of us going this year- and we are only going for 4 nights due to changes at work- but hey, will still spend plenty & see plenty in those 4 days!

Yesterday I went to a Craft Fair at Olympic Park Homebush- it wasn't bad but the venue is awkward to get to- we drove & had to pay $20 to park the car- no other craft fair we attend has paid parking- this gives it a BIG thumbs down.

The exhibitors weren't too bad-we all bought yarn (like I needed more) & we all bought patterns. One thing I that astounded me was when my sister was buying yarn to knit her 7 year old GD a cardigan the yarn was to cost $75- now I don't know about you, but I find that excessive for a child who will grow out of it in one season! My sister asked for an alternative yarn ($35 approx cost) & the stall holder was such a snob about it- you'd have thought she had committed a social fo-par or something!

We then headed off to DFO, which is nearby.

We all spent more at DFO than we did at the craft Fair-MOTH fared well, I bought lots for him on sale, even found DD a maternity swimsuit as she's grown out of what she was wearing-only cost $50 which was even better!

I think I spent more at DFO than I did when shopping on our recent trip!

Today I played with some designs on the embroidery machine-I tried my hand at digitizing, well auto trace, & was quite pleased with the results- will have to play a little more now that I've had some success.

Until next time,
Happy Crafting

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