Sunday, February 22, 2009

Huskisson Triathlon

Only that our DD looks so much like her father, I would wonder these days if she had not been swapped at birth.
DD & her DH have taken up marathon & triathlon running. Our SIL has even competed in the gruelling Iron man event -saying to all that he hoped to complete the event in under 12 hours....12 HOURS!!!! can you imagine swimming, cycling & running for 12 hours straight? Not me- I get tired just thinking about it! (he completed it in 11:45)
DD & SIL have been in training for months-they tell me they have a 'down' time- I'm not sure when that was as they always seem to be running off to do squad training, cycle somewhere or 'just go for a 20 K run'.
DD even ran the legs off the dog & now she is no longer able to run with them-she said "I never ran her further than 10K!"-poor Ella, I bet she wishes she was adopted from the puppy pound by people less active!LOL
Anyway today was the Huskisson half iron man or long course triathlon- the weather was pretty well perfect- overcast, hardly any wind & just warm.

Only dedicated parents & followers would get up at 6am on a Sunday to go watch the start of the race- those less dedicated could lie in bed & get up at a more reasonable hour & just watch the ending.....but, no, we get up & gee them along at every stageIt amazes me the determination & guts of these competitors-you could see on the run section that a few had taken tumbles off bikes or had fallen while running- they were sporting bleeding knees, arms & even one poor fellow was running with a cut on his face! They just get up & keep on going! Or those that had cramps & were still trying to run with a hobble or a jumping motion, just so they could finish the race.....not me I'd have nearly drowned by the time I had to make it to the first buoy on the swim!

It was a great day & both of them did us proud.....and SIL tells us its only 6 more weeks to the Iron Man event this year- he's going back to do that one all over again!

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